Xmas Shopping Special

I am a new man this Christmas. For the last ten years my family has been after me to purchased some hearing aids. I finally went and was fitted for some Resound Bluetooth beauties that work wonderfully. I don’t know why I put it off so long, but I should have done it years ago. I can now hear all of Jane’s commands. We have been putting up outside Christmas decorations and it seems funny, coming from the Midwest, that it is 78 degrees while we are installing outside lights. I love it!

I have received a few For Sale cars this month and as I have stated this is the time people sell their old rides and purchase new ones. I think that is a common disease that we all have after owning our Hot Rods for a few years. I have always been that way. And have sellers remorse for a few weeks until something comes along I think I would like to drive for the next season. I still like to build cars but at almost 76 years old that is mostly a dream on my part. A change of seats is welcomed in our family, especially a topless one.

Speaking of Topless (not that kind) the newly managed LARS under John Buck should be something roadster guys/gals look forward to is just a few months away. I have not heard of any new changes but I’m sure they will be seamless and we all we enjoy the show as we have for so many years. I hope you have the show on your bucket list or at list a return trip. It is up to us to keep the show going; as for me, there is nothing like a show full Topless Roadsters, Phaetons, Cabriolets, Sport Coupes and supporting vendors to make a wonderful Father’s Day Weekend.

Christmas is about family and friends, parties, and shopping at the Malls across America. Try to contain yourself so you have enough to buy some Hot Rod parts to put under the tree. I have a few that may just show up as being from Santa…you know how that goes…right!

Enjoy the Christmas Season!

Stay Tooned!



click on the photos for a larger image


We seem to be a bit confused last year when it was cold but not this year.


The Jalopy Kid has put his tub up for sale and maybe the white stuff convinced him that maybe a closed car would be better in Montana.


You warm weather boys need to jump on this one. Phaetons are the new roadsters.


Talk about a traditional chassis — this is under the Tub above.


Mr. Deuce, Dale, has a hiboy version Phaeton going also. Note the wood in the Aussie body.


Gary has put his traditional roadster on the market also. See the For Sale section.


This is Pewsplace “Think Tank” note inspiration on the laptop! The mouse pad is Varni’s AMBR.


Tim is not selling but building his roadster. He added the side curtains just for looks!!!


Basic Bob has a nice 34 roadster for sale. They look good in Washington Blue.


Here is another Deuce owner that is selling after the holidays.


I have my Christmas tree Woody just in case he decides to leave one in the driveway for me.


Just in case Santa doesn’t know where he can find one — this one is available.


Yes, Santa goes in style by renting a classic Corvette to deliver the presents to Hot Rodders and their family.


For you Duvall fans how about this one with my color Maroon. Inexpensive!


Talk about 1947 —this beauty will be in building 4 at the GNRS in January.


The 40 dash was popular back then and still is today.


I could like this one in the garage also. Add some hinges or leave it as is. Both are traditional.


My grandson will be getting a little brain washing when he opens his presents. The Flame must continue to burn!