Woody Wednesday

I’m in a fantastic mood today as we had a couple of inches of rain overnight and my yard and plants love it. I was so grateful that I did my morning walk in the rain without remorse. I hope this is a sign of weather to come in the near future. Since the day started in the right direction, I headed out to the garage to finish the mock-up of the center x-member. I removed the tubing and made some measurements for the tube bender. While I was looking over the numbers, I decided to see how they compared to the Deuce Chassis Engineering X – member that came with the frame rails. I was amazed that they were almost identical in length and width as my prototype. I quickly installed them back in the frame jig to see if they would work with some Hot Rod  ingenuity. They seem to fit perfectly even though CE told me they could not be used. They don’t have the few inches of overall length but that is o.k. as I moved the x back to open it up for the 700R4. I will study it some more tomorrow and hopefully can put it to use in the 34 chassis. If it looks like a go, I will put the round tube unit in inventory. Tuesday is lunch with friends day, which meant I had to clean up and drive to the restaurant.

We had lunch at the “Old School” sandwich shop (excellent) and discussed the remaining events for this year. One of our favorites, the Throttler’s Picnic, will no longer be produced which is a sad day for those of us who like the traditional style Hot Rods of the past. I presume the age of the club members, the loss of Johnny Carson Park and the work involved to continue the event became more than they wished to pursue. I understand fully as the aging population of our hobby seems to have been the downfall for many events in the past few years. I am not sure what can be done about this trend but we need some new talent to start producing some of the one day shows for all to enjoy. This show was a free admission event unlike most shows today who want $40 and don’t want you to leave until after 4:00pm. I guess it is time to start thinking about a Woody to drive as the NWC continues to have excellent venues and shows that are always free and well supported by the members and vendors. (We would be happy to pay!)

Our group will be headed to Encinitas on Saturday for the Wavecrest Woody show. Perhaps the largest gathering of Woodies in the world, Wavecrest attracts people from all over the world who come to see the cars and enjoy the wonderful San Diego weather. Jane and I are looking forward to another fun filled weekend with our Woody friends.

Thought for the day — An active mind and body will increase longevity for those who vigorously continue to pursue their dreams.

Stay Tooned!



The Sportsman is the créme de la créme of woodies and command a huge price at auctions. I have always loved this one of Mike’s.


We have quite a few Sportsman’s both stock and modified in our area. Wood replacement is real expensive on these cars.


This one has been done for a spell but is more modern than most with large diameter wheels and an overall smoothing out.


Imagine driving this one down PCH with the wind and salt air in your face.


A Willys woody is a rare bird and this one is perfect with all stock appointments done correctly. (Price transfer)


The 37 woody is another very desirable car to restore or modify. This one is a regular at most events and is always spotless.


The 1939 Ford woody is a sought after model and has suicide rear doors which the 40 doesn’t.


Here is a 1939/40 woody with 39 sheet metal and 40 wood. Note rear doors open from the rear not the front.


My personal favorite is the 1940 Ford wagon restored like this one. The photo reminds me of our home in New Hampshire with all the trees.


On the upper end of the woody restoration is this beautiful engine compartment in a 1940 Ford woody. Jim’s will be similar.


Beautiful setting at Lake Arrowhead in the mountains. This is on my bucket list to visit during the Wooden Boat Show. The 46-48 is another favorite of mine.


Jane and I were the care takers of Curvy for a long time and had some wonderful times together. She really draws a lot of lookers on the road.


Jane is such a trooper and loves to walk on the beach no matter how cold it may be. You never know about the Pacific.


October Wood is the last event for the season  and is held in one of our favorite venues — Dana Point Marriott Cliffs Resort.


Every room has an ocean view and includes a 5-star restaurant and wonderful brunch.


The grass is still green due to the non-potable water being used for irrigation. A great way to end the official season.

Malibu Christmas Woody Parade


Jane and Lorraine always look forward to the final woody event in Malibu.


Parking on the Pier at “Alice’s Restaurant” is always a thrill for the woody owners.


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