Wooden Wagon Wednesday

The Santa Barbara Woodie Club is holding its annual event this weekend at the scenic Santa Barbara Community College. The record heat will be a challenge as most Woodies don’t have air conditioning. Pop – Ups are recommended to protect everyone from the extreme heat. I’m not sure how many will show up in this heat but we plan to go for the day.

My preference for a Woodie Wagon is the 37-48 Ford models. They offer excellent interior comfort and driving experiences for Jane and I. Walt let us be the caretaker for his 46 who we called Ruby, and we fell in love with the big girl. If you have a love for these old Woodie Wagons, then stop over at the show this Saturday. You will be hooked once you see the fun we have at these events.

Have a great weekend and stay cool and dry in the East Coast.


Stay Tooned!


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I ran across this 47 Woodie on eBay and it looks like a good buy but had not takers at $65K

The original wood and Columbia were attractive features of this nice Woodie.

Not sure if this 38 will make it down the coast but I sure like this Hot Rod Woodie.

The 37 Woodie is being reproduced by Hercules and makes a beautiful Woodie. He uses TCI chassis and Tea’s seats and you provide the front sheet metal.

My friend Bob has this original 39 deluxe that is shown in the For Sale section. Columbia and very nice mild Hot Rod look with a dropped axle and steel wheels.

The Sportsman is a rare Woodie that shows up once in a while at the shows. This is a clone made from a convertible cowl.

The largest collection Woodies was the Nick Alexander collection in Los Angeles.

The 40 deluxe wagon seems to be very popular and rare in our area. Mike Nickels makes the wood for these in his shop in MI. Don builds several woodies and always has a show winner.

SO-CAL built this form a rusty floor to a beautiful finished product.

Nick always had some project available at his annual show. These are savable but require lots of time and money to complete.

The 39 Deluxe makes a great looking ride for the events or just cruising the PCH.

The 46-8 Woodies make a very roomy ride and combined with a late model drive train they are very nice and popular choice for many Woodie lovers.

Mr. 40, Tim Bedford, has built several 40’s including this wagon. Note all the plumbing for the AC.

Almost finished and ready to return to the owner Tim’s restoration came out nice.

Roy was running up this 40 Standard for Bruce making sure everything was in working order. You don’t see many Standard Woodies.

Some projects are available for a small investment but do the math for a completed unit. Start with a $50K budget for all new wood.

Sometimes you are better off with a completed original Woodie and just enjoy driving it to the events.

Yes, these two are close friends who build their own cars and this 37 was just being transported for some work that Gary doesn’t do.

Here is the finished product after 7 years of hard work. One of the best 37’s out there.

My friend Bob in Ohio builds some very nice woodies and yes it snows in Ohio!

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  2. I always thought thought that all 40 Woody’s were a deluxe. It was just an assumption on my part, and I just thought that is the way it was. I have never had a 40 Woody, but have had two 2-doors, one a deluxe and one a standard, and I loved them both ,if I had to choose, I think the standard looks the best. I used to think the deluxe was better now in my old age I think the standard is a more refined look. However I wouldn’t kick either one out of my garage !

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