Wonderful Wednesday

My good friend Bob had his neck operated on last week and is doing fine so I thought I would go by and say hello.  He is a great person and car nut like me.  Being a working man all his life he knows how to fight to win the battle and I know he will come out of this one a winner.  Good luck to you Bob and I am sure you will be driving the roadster real soon.  I then headed over to Frantic’s to see what he is working on and take some photos.  After driving to the Valley, I soon arrived at Fred’s but there was no Fred.  I guessed he must have gone home to see Lu.  I was close to Bob’s so I stopped for a BigBoy, hold the center, and some ice tea.  I passed some time looking at the pretty girls and again headed back to Fred’s….no one home.  I came back to the wonderland and enjoyed the sunny afternoon ride.  I again passed the day away without doing anything but dreaming and that’s O.K. according to my daughter. It is almost nap time so I will close with some photos for the “Wonderful Wednesday” I had.

Stay Tooned!


Joe has been around a long time and he has one of the nicest 3 windows around.  He also owns a 46 SD and 56 Ford pickup.  Do you think Fat Jack painted the wheels and grille shell?

Frank’s newest Deuce was looking good with fresh paint and Halibrands.  This transformation took a whole two weeks.

Eric had the wheels of the meet.  Can anyone tell me what the brand name is for these rare accessories?

The Deuce RPU builders could take a lesson from this builder.  I love the stance and overall design of the Deuce.  I can’t tell but the steering arm appears to be missing on the cowl?  How about those black wheels again on a black car.

If you were concerned about the rain in SL you could have driven this nice red 40 convert.  Did you know they offered a red color in 1940…yes they did!  Gary had one like this in the 80’s.

I have been following Chris’s build on the HAMB and he is coming along.  If you want a real one you may have to start with something like this.  He is young and has the talent for locating the good stuff.  See the HAMB for more details.

The black plate tells me this is the real deal Deuce roadster and not a wannabe Brookville.  Either one would be welcome in my garage but I can tell the difference just by looking at the reveals on the body.  Say What!

I don’t know who purchased this Ohio built beauty but he was at the Outriders Picnic last year but he had a really a well executed RPU.  How do you like the suicide front end and bones?  Can you say L0000W?

This one is more my style but doesn’t have the “Cop Shop” look of the one above.  These cars are growing on my list….I don’t have any more room or money left so I will just dream.  You can do that can’t you?

Today’s RPU…..Dreaming!

Neal has this very tick real deal RPU with lots of one-off stuff he fabricated.  The rear bed has a seat for the little ones.

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