Wonderful Wednesday

I don’t know where the day went but all of a sudden it was 6:00 pm and I had accomplished nothing. Maybe Toppers was too much for me. The pizza was great, the BS was light and Dave drove his 32 retro pickup and parked right next to Bob-O’s retro 40 pickup. Trucks are cool but small in the interior. Leg room is very tight if you are over 6 foot tall. That is why I selected a sedan delivery for my truck choice. A man needs a truck if he is into hot rods. Right!

I hope all of you followed the Rodfather Tour to Indy. Andy and Gary lead a group of 100 hot rodders to his big event in Indy. The daily blog and video are worth watching. The production company did a great job of keeping you informed of the events that took place both going to Indy and the return trip. I would have loved to go on a trip like that. You can watch the tour on Rodfathertour.com

I also did some investigation into importing a car from Canada. I learned that it is very expensive to come from the far eastern side of Canada to LA. You probably need to hire an agent to guide you through the process. Permits, taxes and inspections make it somewhat of a task. When I lived in Detroit it was an easy deal but that was in the 60’s. Dave in Australia found out how expensive it is to import a 40 from LA. He loves the car so that makes it easier. The high cost soon fades from your memory once the key is turned on and the purr of that flathead engine makes your heart beat faster.

Well that’s it for tonight.

Stay Tooned!


Cory took this photo and I couldn’t resist showing it again. This is the profile to have on a 40 coupe. I wonder what color maroon is on the car. It looks custom and super deep. I am drooling.

The front view is very striking also. Note the absence of the Ford Deluxe emblem. Do you like the same body color wheels? I do.

Dave has put his super 36 delivery up for sale. Have a look under Cars For Sale on this site. I also like the orange wheels with the Cordoba Tan body. This is a very rare car and done right.

Here is another great shot from Cory. Five Deuces parked on the street. I would have loved to be there for the experience when these beauties pulled up. Cory’s is the black roadster next to the sedan. See the HAMB for more wonderful photos of the Rodfather Tour to Indy.

I watched this one being built by Boyd in the 80’s. This one was one of the first tudor 40’s built. The car recently sold at the auction for a reasonable price.

I am still looking for a 40 and this one is for sale at Woodies USA for $116K. LS3 power and all new wood.

I am installing the proportioning valve in Andre and I thought this was a nice set up that TCI uses.

I have been looking at interior dashes for my dream 40 Woody project. This is a 1939 and a little modern but I thought it looked good. Note A/C vents in kick panels.

I happen to like the 46-48 Ford dash especially when it is left stock and painted not woodgrained as original. BRG looks good with the wood.

My dream woody would have a stock dash like this one. Note window metal trim panels on the doors. I have located a pair of these and have them coming. The rear door windows in a 40 do not roll down they slide back and forth.

Today’s Folkstone 40 Coupe!

Jerry owns this one which was built by Orville a few years ago. The color looks drab but is really nice and subtle when you see it in person.

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  1. Sure Lynn the shipping might have been expensive, but you’re absolutely right in saying once you take the car down the road it all seems well worth it. I’ve been palying with the stance and the wheel/tyre combo, i’ll send you some pics soon. Say hi to Bob O!

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