Wonderful Wavecrest Woodies

As a long time Woody fan, I hate to see the summer end. The last event is in September in Encinitas, CA and is the largest of the Woody shows in CA. Wavecrest ,as it is called, is the enthusiast’s favorite with ocean views and lots of activity during the event. In previous years, the event spread onto the beach but that was ruled out a few years ago — much to my dismiss. Our crew usually parks on the road to the beach, as the parking lot fills up days in advance of the actual show on Saturday. We have a favorite breakfast cafe, HWY 101, and we don’t mind the wait.

Wavecrest offers the opportunity to see old friends and meet new woody owners over the course of the show. We only attend on Saturday as it is a long drive from our house in horrendous traffic on the 405 freeway. This is place you will see some new Woodies and old Woodies drug out of some barn across the US. I really enjoy the barn finds and the pristine new woodies with outstanding woodwork. I will also be on the watch for the prices of the Woodies for sale. The prices have been really falling the last few years and I attribute that to the age of people who still love these old Wooden Wagons. Driven very little, and with a decreasing demand, many people are selling why they still can recover some of their investment. Others, like me, who love Woodies for their prominence in history rather than their value really hate to see people bail, but others gain from the reduced investment. If you have never been to Wavecrest, make it point to drive down for an Epic event.

Stay Tooned!



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The Logo has long been the symbol for the Epic Woodie Show

Moonlight Beach is the surfer’s paradise and is breathtaking.

Thursday’s arrivals park on the parking lot to save their favorite spot for Saturday.

Our Woodie crew with the Pacific in the background. Jim’s dad on the left is in his 90’s.

Here is your average old Woodie that has original wood, no rust and stock running gear. It has been advertised for $49K.

Phil’s beautiful 46 Woodie has all new wood and modern chassis refinements. The cost of these woodies to build will run $200K easily. What will they bring if you had to sell or wanted to sell? Depends on who your customer is and the size of his checkbook. Earlier they would bring $150-75K but those days are over for the most part.

Pastel colors seem to be popular on the new builds.

Same builder with a rare 1942 Woodie Wagon.

Black is still real popular on the older built Woodies.

Woodies USA always has some nice Woodies for sale. This was last year and I wonder what a nice 46-8 will bring this year.

Woodies and Surfers go together and they always have a display at Wavecrest.

Andy has owned his stunning 1940 Woodie for over 40 years.

He is an active Woodie guy and has redone his Woodie 3 times.

The high end of the Woody convertibles are the Chrysler and Ford Sportsman.

There are always prime examples on display at Wavecrest.

I tend to favor the 1940 but the 46-48 are right up there for me also.

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