Winter’s Projects — Whats yours?

As I head into the winter months, it is time to start thinking about a project to keep me busy. My age and mind are not coordinated as I think I can still do all the  things I use to do as a younger person. My favorite pastime is building chassis for my Hot Rods, Deuces, Model 40’s and Fat Girls have passed through Pewsplace Garage. Some were more difficult to do than others but the challenge was always welcomed. My motto is you need to keep your mind and body busy each day in order to stay in good health. I have been fortunate to still be able to weld and fabricate with my skills I learned from my father. I do miss him these days.

Deciding what to build is always depending on what body is available that you like. I like the repo rails from ASC but I also know of some original frames that are just waiting to have someone save them. I have built many Deuce chassis as they were my first attempt at chassis building. I made some patterns for Mike Martens to reproduce the first Deuce rails from 4 pieces of 12 gauge. The 33/4 chassis are also easy to do as are the 35-40 chassis. I have ventured into the 46-48 chassis with good success thanks to Frantic Fred advice on widening the center X-member. All of the frames are available in good shape and priced reasonable.

Bodies are a different story. Repo Deuces are a dime a dozen, Model 40’s are really high prices, 1940 bodies are usually priced fairly and finally complete 46-48 convertibles are really priced right in this market. In the past I built the chassis I liked and found a body to put on the completed frame. This time I may do the same thing. A 40-48 Woodie would be my first choice, a 40 Convert my second and my third would be a 46 convertible. Of course, a 32-34 Phaeton would be O.K. also. The hunt is on as I have found all the chassis as mentioned above.

I will let you know what I find something — send me what your project is for the winter.

Stay Tooned!



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This Deuce chassis is still savable with some work. Siting outside for a long time.

I have built several Deuce chassis using ASC rails and the Deuce Frame CO. center X.

I prefer a stock one like the 33 I got from Paul Gommi.

But I built this one with all new ASC rails and TCI front X-member.

This 35-40 looks in good shape to me. Blast, weld and install for your dream chassis.

These beefy frames need very little except a MII front end, 9″ Ford rear end on parallel leafs and the center X-member modified for the 700R4.

Bodies I would like to own.

A 1940 Woody Project would be perfect for a winter build.

Gary has had this one for sale for several years and is a big project but a good start.

The shell is really in good shape with minimal rust through. These are big cars.

Needs just a little work the ad reads and only $22K. These people are dreaming.

Finding an unfinished real 34 roadster like this would be a miracle.

Lots of 46-48 Woodie projects are available in our area. Real popular and plentiful but the Wood is $50K and a long waiting period.

I don’t need another delivery but this one would be a good start with all new wood. Pepe still has an original floor and interior wood.

Barn finds like this make a good project to drive and work on at the same time.

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