Windshields for Deuces

I have been a lover of the deuce for many years, but never cared for the box lookng top and windshields. over the years, Hot Rodder’s have attempted many modifications to all models, including chopping the top and leaning back the windshields to provideide a more sleeker profile. The Duvalll windshield was one of the earlier efforts to lean back the windshield and became popular with reproductions being offered by several companies. Chopped 3″ became popular also and were laid back to improve the profile.

The latest style of a laid back windshield is the Rodwell/Wanless one that is so popular; And soon to be relleased is the SO-CAL single piece unit and the Duvall which is also being offered by them.The supplier is Scottt from Canada who has all the patterns for many models.

The price will be available soon and hopefully be within a stock deuce set-up but don’t hold your breath.


Stay Tooned!



Dick’s Roadster shows the extensive angle and matching top.

3″ style

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