Wenesday’s Wonders

I was going to do this post last Friday but didn’t get to it. My good friend, George, was able to tour the John Mumford Collection during Roy’s open house this year. I wish I could have been there but was running late. John is one of the nicest down to earth people you ever want to meet. He is a true hot rodder that has a passion and pocketbook to enjoy his cars to the fullest. John is a very successful venture capitalist that could buy any car he wants but chooses to drive hot rods everywhere. He thinks nothing of jumping in his roadster and driving across the country. He can walk the talk and is always in Levi’s hanging with the boys. If you ever see him just walk up and say hello.

There are a lot of collectors in the country but John is special as he lives and breathes cars even when he is working. He collects and builds hot rods, muscle cars and various car components and memorabilia. Roy builds most of his cars, but he does have other people do work when Roy is busy. The following is a small sample of his cars. I don’t know how many he owns but I am not sure he does either.

Have a look and thanks George…

Stay Tooned!



Garage scene with stock 32 chassis and parts. Note ignitions and 25 louver hoods. Looks like the Petersen.


Another section has Chevrolets and Corvettes. All cars are very unique not average,


John also likes Oldsmobiles. Remember those?


Axle Stewart’s Deuce from the past. Very nice ride.


Axle’s gauges are unique. I think Bob Bauder restored this car years ago. I was at his shop in the mountains and it was there.


John also likes restored cars. Here is a line up of model 40’s and Deuces. He has an equal line up of hot rods.


Here is one his later builds. A blown Ardun 33 hiboy coupe. I believe Hot Rods by Dean built this one.


Do you need some parts. A man needs and extra set of blowers and heads for the new project.


Chevy engines are important to have so you can keep track of the history of Chevrolet.


John likes flathead fuel injections so he has a collection of them just in case he needs one.


Flathead manifolds are also required for the period build.


No collection on the West Coast is complete without a Woody. John’s has a 5 speed as does most of his cars.

Today’s ride…dreaming!


New project is another 3 window hiboy. You may remember his blue one of a few years ago.


Rear view showing bias tires and super stance. I will take this one home and sell the sedan.

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