Wendesday’s Worries

Fire, heat and smoke make a lousy day for working on the hot rod. I started off in the Doctor’s office and after a couple hours of tests decided that I should go home and work on the car while I can. I had a real young smart doctor today and he gave me some good advice. Exercise is the key to longevity and a healthy back. I agreed with him and wondered how I was going to exercise in this heat…easy….use the pool. Enough doctor talk.

Yesterday at Toppers my wife called and said Frank was stopping by Toppers to show us his newly completed hiboy coupe. Frank has lots of cars and likes the same style as I do….traditional. I no sooner hung up my phone when Frank pulled up in his really chopped 5 window. Now this car emptied the lunch table for some real BS. The car was purchased out of San Diego and Frank had it re-done to suite his taste. I have some photos for you to enjoy. I am easy to sway and could a 5 window body on my chassis just as easy as a sedan. Now if I could convince George to sell me his body and buy my wife a big present… I would be set.

My friend Bob, who else, sent his roadster to the sandblaster for blasting and powder coating. This is a first to me so I am real interested in the results. He is doing the car in flat black with aluminum interior panels etched in a special color to match. Results next week.

Couple of new cars for sale this week. (1.) Cloud mist gray 40 coupe with 283 Chevy and Columbia. (2.) 55 Chevy 2 door post with all the right stuff. If you have any interest let me know. Everyone is selling something these days.

That’s all for today…so,

Stay Tooned!



Frank’s newly completed 5 window. Chopped 4 inch, SAC frame, SBC and Jumbo 750-16 White Walls. The look is complete.


From the rear the Pontiac tail lights look correct for the era. A nice change from the 39’s. Remember Pontiac cars?


Ready to rumble this little coupe is a bad boy.


Don’s roadster looked blocked in. I found out the outside exhaust pipes are real hot. Always stay away from these when taking pictures.


Walden top insert recessed and covered with fabric. Looks good and doesn’t blow up in the wind.


Nice traditional tuck and roll in black and white.


In my effort to feature some other cars how about the medium Cabernet red 36.


I sure hope Walt’s roadster doesn’t leak any oil. The Woody top is fabric and soils easily.


Motor City Flathead doesn’t leak but throws fans into the radiator on a regular basis. Right John!

Today’s ride…dreaming or real.


Thanks to Frank I hauled this home in 1986 to my home in Laguna. It was a happy day. The car was a Valley car with a perfect hammer welded 3 inch chop, rust free body, original Bell axle and Lincoln brakes. Why do I sell these things?

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