Wendesday’s Work

I just returned from the NHRA Twilight Cruise in Pomona and it has been a very busy day for me. I started out this morning with a trip to DMP for the rest of my button head bolts. If you need any bolts, this is the place to go in the Valley. He has a vast inventory to choose from in black, chrome and stainless along with many other items like wiring looms and battery cables for your hot rod. He is located near California Car Cover on Desoto Ave. in Chatsworth. His web site is www.DMPFasteners.com. I had promised Bob-O that I would pick him up at noon and I just made it. We headed for Pomona in Ruby as tonight’s cruise featured Woodies. I had also contacted Mr. Bob and told him we would stop by and look at his new 40 coupe.

Once at Bob’s house we viewed the very nice stock maroon opera coupe. He has a knack for locating some primo 40 coupes. He was busy cleaning his super sanitary Deuce sedan for a show on Saturday. You know how I love Deuce sedans and I spent way too long sitting in the front seat and dreaming of driving this one. I have driven it to some events for him and this all steel sedan is about as nice as you will find. We bid bob goodbye and headed to Pomona. Upon arrival, we noticed that the lot was already full of hot rods and Woodies. We were guided into a parking spot with the Woodies and proceeded to look at all the cars and the Museum. I finally got to see Lucy in her final form as Terry drove it over for the event. I really liked the look he gave the car. If you have not attended this event put it on your list. You won’t regret it.

We finished our lunch at the Sheraton and headed home dreaming of all the nice cars we saw and what we would see at the LARS.

Stay Tooned!


Bob-O loves chopped Mercury’s so we headed over to this 49 that was a very high end build. Lots of custom touches could be seen all over the car.

Packard rear tail lights were grafted onto the 49 fenders and looked like they belonged. Note the neat exhaust exits in the rear bumper ends.

My longtime friends with their Deuces were early arrivals and were parked in the shade on this hot day.

I had lost Bob-O and found him looking at this car. Gabe has two 39 convertible sedans in his stable.

Ruby was parked in the front row with all the other Woodies. Note she is the lowest of the ones shown. (Far Right)

Lucy sure looked good to me. Terry let me sit in the car and I fit fine in model 40’s.

I once was a real Corvette enthusiast so Lucy was right home with these solid axle Corvettes. There were several in attendance.

I have never seen this Woody before. The yellow was really bright and stood out in the crowd. Lots of metal work on this one.

This Sportsman was parked in our area and I don’t recall seeing it before.

Ryan Reed’s 37 is a masterpiece in simplicity in design. I won’t say perfect execution because it is better than perfect. The color, stance and interior are all very well thought out.

 Today’s Choice!

Inside the Museum this little truck really look good to us. Bob-O said he used to see it race in his younger days.

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