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Several of my friends left today for the Northwest Deuce Show in Victoria, BC. I had planned on going and my Passport came yesterday. More than 80 Deuces are heading North for a great time in a beautiful place. There is a stop over at Bob Drakes factory and then a ferry ride to Canada. Sure sounds like a fun time to me. I have never traveled in a roadster with another person, like your wife, but it must be cozy mile after mile with no room to move. George and his wife had a suitcase drill to see if they could get all they needed in the little trunk of his 3 window. I should have my sedan delivery available and I could have hauled all the luggage…. for a fee, of course. Ha! George is building a sedan delivery to solve this problem Have a look.


George’s very nice all steel delivery, metalwork by Jim Hendricks…the best!


The Gang in Victoria in 2004.


Current Deuces on ebay motors. Bidding is high on “Rusty” Deuce by Rudy


I know its a 34, but note the room and comfort!

Sneak Peak


Currently for sale by Careys Cars $42,500 Collector car trader on line

Stay Tooned!


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