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I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday with family and friends. We enjoyed our holidays and are looking forward to the New Year. And having more exciting times with our old cars and the Back Road Boys. First up is the Grand National Roadster Show where the competition for the big award should be interesting. Traditional roadsters have been successful in recent years but who knows what 2109 will bring. I prefer the traditional look but also like some new trends that have been showing up lately. Most feel a roadster must have a solid axle and quick change to be in contention for the AMBR award but we may see something different this year.

I hope all of you are planning on attending the Father’s Day Show put on by the LA Roadsters. They now have control over the show and it should be back to the way is was with a few exceptions. All vendors will be outside and no buildings will be utilized which will save them money. We need to support this show and make sure it remains and all time favorite for most of us roadster lovers.

Pewsplace will be focusing on local events including the Woodie Shows and the planned Deuce Day in Solvang this coming October. We have not had a Deuce Day show in our area for a long time so this should be a “must attend” for Deuce lovers. The event is being planned by Steve Lykken and is sure to be a well organized event

Make 2019 the year to drive your Hot Rod!

Happy New Year!!

Stay Tooned!


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2018 AMBR Contenders 

Last year’s winner was this Model A built by Hot Rods and Hobbies.

Built by Hollywood Hot Rods and a stunning example of AMBR contenders.

Another very traditional roadster was a favorite.
A more modern roadster with the smooth look of the 80’s.
Baby Blue was also a crowd favorite and very traditional.
I love to look at these traditional built roadsters.
The 36 roadster has become the latest to compete for the AMBR
I like red roadsters and this one was very nice.
Not a contender but a super clone of the Spencer roadster.

Many people thought this should have been the winner but did not make the cut.
Another roadster not in contention this year was the Farley car.
Rolling Bones will once again have a display of their style cars.

Non pre-36 cars are also present for you to view.

Coupes are in all buildings so don’t miss a building.

I like Hot Rods and this one screams the image.
Don’t miss the Big Show!!

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