Weekend Woodies

The Santa Barbara Woodie Club does an excellent job of hosting the club event on the beautiful Santa Barbara, Jr. College campus. There is lots of room to park on a grassy knoll overlooking the blue Pacific. The weather this year cooperated and the fog lifted well before noon so we could all enjoy the scenery. Woodies and water go together like ice cream and chocolate. The old wooden cars seem to be at their pinnacle  when parked on the grass, sand or concert next to the water. The turnout was good with about 80 or so woodies enjoying the day. This year there were also lots of non-woodies that showed up for the show. This is unusual for a woody show but I welcomed the cars and Pepe had some company for a change. Walt drove his Deuce as his woody is down for some repairs. We started off with our normal Denny’s breakfast and then headed up the coast. We arrived in a short time and parked the cars. I donated my annual woody picture for the silent auction and proceeded to look at the cars. I talked to old friends and meet some new ones.

I was impressed with a particular 1939 Ford woody from Idaho so I talked to owner, who was from Boise, ID, for a long time about the car. He started with a hulk purchased in LA and took his time putting it back together. I was attracted to the car because of the magnificent wood work  and finish by Chris Messano. You can tell his work on each car you see. His team is a step ahead of any other finishes I see on woodies. It seems a lot of woodies are modified for driving on the highways with modern engines and drivelines. Amenities, like A/C, are also present on many of the cars. True purist, of course, frown on these modifications and are plenty satisfied driving the coast in their hopped up flatty with a Columbia rear axle which powered the beautiful 39 from Idaho. Everyone has a different taste and that is what makes the cars so interesting to me and my wife. If they all looked alike it would be a boring show in my mind.

Dave prepared some delicious Tacos, Walt brought a box full of Lorraine’s cookies, Robin had a full selection of health foods and Jane brought some grapes and celery sticks for the healthy appetites. The day was soon over and we packed up and headed back to LA with another wonderful day at the Beach with the Santa Barbara Woodie Club. We did not win the Surfboard but we had plenty of space to carry it home if we had won. See you next year and thanks for a great time and good food.

Stay Tooned!



Our Woody Boys had a primo parking spot complete with Pop-Ups installed and Dave’s Catering Service. What a life!


Jane and Jim were wanting to win this huge surfboard but we were not so lucky. They also gave one away to the registered Woody owners.


This is where the fun begins. There is nothing like it when a bunch of Woody owners get together and swap stories and bring out the goods.


Walt and I parked right behind the group but down on the grassy slope. Pepe’s rear door wouldn’t open due to the body flex while on the slope. Rich and Jane solved the problem and all works well now. Flamed cars attract photographers like flowers do bees.


The SMJC campus is spectacular and provides a perfect spot to park your woody.


Ol’ Dad’s brother, Dave, has owned this BRG 40 for many years and features one of the first P&J chassis. I love this one.


I fell in love with this 39 from Idaho. The wood, by Chris, was perfect and there wasn’t a ripple anywhere on the wood or body. A very deep marron (almost black) was really a nice contrast to the wood.


A 39 dash is also attractive when restored like this one is. The theme of the car was strictly stock with some concessions to drivability.


Several Woody owners fill the side windows with stickers indicating the places the car has traveled. The far left sticker is the Chris Messano Woodworks in San Pedro, CA.


Some folks really like to collect stickers, vintage luggage and surf boards. This fellow had quite a collection and a real nice woody to carry all the “Stuff”.

Best of Show – Woodies at the Beach 2014 Santa Barbara Woodies


Best of Show went to this stunning 1947 Pontiac modified woody. The car was really well executed with major detailing.


The wood was amazing and the gaps were perfect which is no small task on a woody.


To keep up with the traffic a BBC was installed along with all the amenities to keep you comfortable on your ride up the coast.


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