Weekend Update

The weekend started Friday for me. I had planned to secure a swap space under the trees but the old back said no way. I took some Aleve and headed to Pomona to see what was going on. My first stop was the Sheraton Fairplex which is the main hotel for the LARS. The hotel had a few cars but not many so I went in and had a nice lunch. When I returned to the parking lot more cars were present so I hung around for a while. This is the time to see the cars without all the crowds.

My next stop was the SO-CAL Open House which is just a few miles away. Keep in mind the show opens at 3:00 pm and it is only 1:00 pm. The cars were lined up everywhere waiting for the police to let them park in the street. I waited until I could find a close parking place and parked my truck. I had a great spot as I could see all the cars coming down Grand Ave. Finally, about 2:00 pm they let the cars park in the street. By 3:00 pm the cars were 4 rows wide, 6 blocks long and the facility which had preferred parking for some cars was full. I spent about 2 hours looking at all the projects Pete has under construction and talked to several people I had not seen in a long time. This is a well organized event and the shop was ultra clean and neat. Lots going on at SO-CAL Speed Shop. I was on the road headed home by 5:00 pm. Great day.

Saturday, was rainy and very overcast when I left home but when I arrived at the show it was very nice and no rain. The weather was cool which is unusual for Pomona. I walked and looked at the cars until I could walk no more and I headed home about 4:00 pm. The economy might be in tough shape but the number of swappers, cars, vendors and attendees looked to be huge. The place was full. The LA Roadsters are to be commended for putting on one of the best shows in the country for car enthusiasts. Thank you.

Lets look at some pictures.

Stay Tooned!



LA Roadster cars were parked in the North end this year. You can see the weather was overcast and cool.


I have featured this car last week and it was actually in attendance this year. Dick drove out from MO. This was one of the first 34 roadsters I saw without fenders. He was parked in the 75th Model 40 tribute area. Nice touch by the LAR.


34 Phaeton was a big hit with everyone. You don’t see many of these but this Brizio built example used to be Tex Smith’s tub.


The late Joe Mayall’s 33 was in attendance and looking good. Joe would be proud as he loved this car.


Not many like the 34 tudor without fenders but this one looked pretty good to me. Price was $65K.


My wife’s favorite Ford is a 34 Cabriolet. This black beauty was one of the best at the show. John would like this one.


The back lot was full of roadsters of all kinds. This is just a small portion of the roadsters in attendance.


Buddy had his Lowery built Washington blue beauty in attendance.


This 5 window with the back window filled in was available. Some assembly required. Price was crazy. Swap meet was full of high priced parts and cars.


Hotel parking lot had a nice pair. Bob’s delivery and Chuck’s 40 standard with a new flathead blower motor.


SO-CAL Open house was a big hit with me. Lots of projects going on. More tomorrow.

Today’s ride…dreaming.


Las Vegas Deuce was a really nice car and a very unusual color.

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