Weekend Update

The weekend was great in LA. Sunday was the Road Kings show at Johnny Carson park and the place was packed. Bobo and I headed over in his coupe about 7:30 and found a good parking place. We always do the pancake breakfast to start the day off right. Now the park in very nice with lots of trees and grass. I walked a took pictures until I could walk no more. Cars of all varieties show up at JCP so I had to hunt for the ones I like…which meant lots of walking. I finally went back to the chopped coupe and rested for a while. During my stay in the car lots of people took pictures of the coupe. It is a magnet for everyone who looks at it. I explained the coupes chop and tuck and roll interior to everyone. Bobo has nice cars. We stayed until after lunch and headed home to watch the Lakers win the NBA title. Now that is another story.

Roadsters are showing up from all over the US and are cruising the shops. Most shops welcome their presence and give them the tour. This is good for business and cheap advertising. As for me, I spent the day getting my parts down and labeled for the swap meet. A big job that took all day.

Here are some photos from the weekend.

Stay Tooned,



Hiboy sedans are not for everyone. This 34 was in process and should look good when finished. The car body was mint and the owner was having lots of fun. That is what it is all about.


I have shown this hiboy previously and it is one of my favorites. Warren built this car to look old and it does. The metal work on the body and dash is the best money can buy. The 37 grille is different and not used very often. I like it.


Rear view showing QC and chopped back window. Hot Rods look like this.


The 40 Ford dash looks like it was made for the car.. (it was).


My favorite car was this hammered Deuce tudor with a very nice interior and overall detail. I have not seen this car before so I don’t know much about it. I think it is from the Santa Barbara area. This should be in my garage.


The interior looked like a Gabe pattern. The color was camel and square weave carpet. Very comfortable seats even in the back.


The car was chopped about 3 1/2 inches with the post leaned back above the upper hinge.


I always take at least one Woody picture. This was a very nicely restored 48 in Glade Green. Owner told quite a story of acquisition back East.


One very original Deuce roadster from the past. I have not seen this one before but it has all the correct parts from yesteryear.


Note the Gennie bumpers with big knuckle bumpers and the curve in the shape. Repo’s are small knuckles and no curve.


O.K., so I show this car often… Sam’s 5 window has all the stuff I like and he drives the hell out of it. New black wheels are nice. I think you will see him under the Hop Up balloon in the preferred parking area. Tradition cars rule. Stop by and say hello.


I hear Joe is stopping by on Saturday to see that his car is shinning.

Today’s Roadster…dreaming.


Me and my buddy John heading for Pomona…Let the good times roll.

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