Weekend Update

Hot, Hot, Hot, the temperature in Palm Springs where we were visiting was 107 degrees. Now that is hot for April. Jane and I visited some friends and picked up our daughter and husband for a quick trip back to Burbank. The traffic was stopped almost all the way, so driving was tedious. I did not attend the B&M meet, but saw several cars on the way. Hot rods are almost always on the roads on Sunday morning. I don’t have any new pictures to show, so some old ones will have to do for today. Everyone is shining their rides for NSRA in Bakersfield this Friday. I plan to go with Walt in his Woody. It should be cool for a change according to the weatherman. Look for some event features next Monday on weekend update.

Stay Tooned and Cool!



Old 3 windows show up all the time. WW’s, primer, old interior and driving the freeways of LA. Now that is cool.


Louvered deck lids are the rage today. My friend Bob is doing one on his roadster. He had it louvered and is gluing it to the skin.
Not easy on the wallet, but add the racer look to your ride.


Sitting low this red 40 coupe has the look and sounds bad. These things are contagious.


This little blown hiboy was on the road with me on Sunday. Sounds very bad.


Full fendered 3 window that was detailed to the max. I think people hold on to these for years and just redo them for fun and relaxation.


O.K. so it is not a coupe….big deal. I like sedans better. Tom had a hand in this one. Recently on the cover of Rod and Custom and is for sale.


Frantic had a hand in this build. Old car still looks great and comfortable.


Lou might be thawed out by now and driving his super 5 window.

Today’s ride…Dreaming


Dennis’s one off sedan. Cross country several times. I am sure it will be at Roy’s Open House.

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