Weekend Update

It was a restless night, blowing wind, thunder, lightning and the thoughts of the HHR Open House being canceled. I finally arose about 4:00 am and logged on to see the weather forecast. Clearing by mid morning, and chances for some sunshine made me feel better. Bobo called about 6:00 am and said he was at the Donut shop and did I want to ride with him in his coupe. Now how could I turn that down. I quickly got ready and headed to the Donut shop with raindrops coming down all the way.

Now Bobo has a lot of cars and all are high quality. The chopped Deuce 5 window is one of my favorites. We grabbed a cup of coffee and headed to Burbank. The rain was still coming down but very lightly. Contrary to popular belief, Deuces don’t melt in the rain. Burbank is only about thirty minutes away so we arrived early and found only a few cars in attendance. The weather was still not looking good. Since Bobo drove, I offered to buy breakfast to pass some time. We walked up to the main street of Burbank and found a very charming restaurant. After a very relaxing meal we headed back to the show and by now the streets were full of cars and the sun was shining. Another lunch bunch member, Dave was also there in his Deuce 3 window. The show was great, the host and his staff made all of us feel welcome. I am a fan of Troy and his outstanding workmanship and innovative ideas. He was Goodguys “Trendsetter of the Year” winner last year at the SEMA Show. I wish him all the success in the years ahead.

Tomorrow….Old Crow Speed Shop and HHR projects.

Now, lets look at some cars.

Stay Tooned!


Hollywood Hot Rods Open House


Early morning, cars started showing up. The event was very well organized and the flow was not complicated for a small area.


My ride for the day was with Bobo. This little coupe always draws a crowd. Chopped 4 inches makes the ride interesting for a guy like me.


Bobo has a heavy right foot. See the speedometer while in route…90 mph. Get in, Hold on and Shut up. Honestly this little coupe is very quiet inside and does not lack for horsepower.


Another early arrival was this fresh mint green Deuce Hiboy. The owner and Bobo hit it off as he is also building a 5 window. More on this car later.


Frank had his new “Buy of the year” in attendance. Great start on a hammered 5 window with SAC chassis, crate 350 and all the patina you could ask for. He also has a 34 3 window in the same stage.


No event would be complete without a 40 coupe. We followed him to the show. Suede is in at HHR.


Not to be left behind, Dave drove over in his original 3 window. He has owned this one for over 30 years. Dave is a well know SO – CAL artist and is our go to guy for T-shirts.


Inside HHR were several Brookville bodies waiting their turn in line in very crowed conditions. Everything is in place at HHR’s. My late friend Boyd was a neat freak and always kept his shops very clean and organized. Troy does the same within a budget. Boyd never has a budget.


Here is an example of the work performed. Deuce body is on rotisserie for final detail prior to paint. The is a unique Deuce, RHD, English influence for $$$$ customer. This will really raise the bar for ingenuity.


Chassis is also very unique from design to engine and components. Note cable driven alternator and driver side dual exhaust. Attention to detail is obvious.



Old Crow is a gotta go see if you are ever in Burbank. Frank Sinatra music and more collectibles than you could look at in one day.

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