Weekend Update

It was dark when I got up and I could smell smoke. I was hoping that a fire wasn’t close by, but yes, it was a fire near my house. I quickly got dressed and headed for Burbank hoping the road wasn’t closed. I arrived at the park without any trouble but the smoke was thick on the 118 freeway. I parked my truck and started looking at the cars. A lot of cars turned out for the show and the day, other than the fire problem, was perfect. I saw several old friends and had a great time. Here are some photos from the show.

If you want to see some photos from the Hot Rod Reunion, check out Jalopy Journal for details of the event.

Stay Tooned.


Throttlers Car Show


The first car I saw was my old 40 sedan. Dave has updated the car with new very nice black paint, 9 inch rear end and a new chrome grille. The car really was a good rust free car from back East. Another one got away.


Of course, my favorite 34 hiboy roadster was there sitting under the trees. I certainly am attached to this old rod, mechanical brakes and all. The top is perfect.


Track T was the best. Tri – C engineering built this car and it is correct and very detailed. All steel flathead powered, curved spoke Kelsey’s and ribbed tires.


Bob and Sandy had their beautiful Deuce Tudor in attendance. Bob added white walls since last year. He has stock in Coker Tire.


Lee had his cover car 40 coupe in attendance. The car looked worn and the paint was not in great shape. It use to be very vibrant in appearance. The car still has the look and sits perfect.


A very, very nice stock black 40 deluxe coupe. I want one like this. This one was perfect in every detail.


For the bare metal crowd here is a model A coupe, severely chopped with a Hemi.


Don arrived early in his Bell Auto Parts Hiboy. I love the sound of this car. A very healthy 327 with a 5 speed. Don always builds the L@@k into his cars.


For you restorers here is a stock Deuce sedan with a fender well spare tire mount. The sheetmetal was perfect on this car.



Early morning shot of the perfect pair a nice Deuce Hiboy and a 34 chopped coupe. More on the coupe on Friday.

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