Weekend Update

The holiday was great, but now it is time to get back in the garage. I worked on the roadster over the weekend and made some progress. All the chrome pieces are now installed and seem to fit well. The Quick Change is under the car and now I must order some axles so I can have a roller by Christmas. I told the kids it would roll to the driveway by the first of the year. Pictures on Friday.

Here are some photos to enjoy.

On a sad note one of the legends in our time, Dave Enmark of Super Bell fame, passed away on Saturday. Dave was the go to man for Quick Changes and a long time friend of mine. I know he will be running that lathe in heaven.

Your diet should start today….mine did!


Nice 34 hiboy, top looks good but does not go well with the whitewall tires. I think this is a real deal roadster. Not that it matters!


Local car is for sale for $27K which seems fair in this market. Pete Eastwood chassis, Wescott body, Old school?


John’s very nice real deal 32 hiboy. This was the late Craig Smith,s/Potvin Cam roadster. You need to see this masterpiece in person to appreciate the work that went into restoring the vehicle.


Nice 32 sedan hiboy on ebay this weekend. I like this style.

Sneak Peek


Jerry’s stock Cabriolet. Yes, this is what they look like before we make our personal changes.

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