Weekend Update

This is an early morning photo of the back lot which fills up quickly.  Roy has built most of these cars or at least worked on them at one time or another.  The back lot is saved for the roadsters only parking.

The trip to San Francisco went flawlessly and we arrived about noon on Friday.  I spent the day at my daughter’s house and had a marvelous time.  Seeing your children is what life is all about and the wife really enjoyed the trip.  I awoke early on Saturday and headed to Roy’s which is about an hour away.  The air was brisk and the winds were blowing strong.  I always take a coat to the Bay Area as the temperatures are normally on the cool side, even in the spring and summer.  I arrived about 8:00 AM and the place was full of cars and people.  The wind and cool temperatures drove most people inside where Roy had the heaters going.  I saw lots of old friends and made some new ones.  Roy had fresh coffee and donuts for the crowd so I felt right at home.

I spent about 4 hours looking at the cars and taking photos of the chassis work he does in his shop.  Roy is using some of Moal’s torsion bar suspension chassis under the cars he is building.  Tom thinks this is the only way to go if building a Deuce today.  We talked to Roy a long time and he was upbeat about his business and his wonderful customer base who continue to build outstanding hot rods.  The cars in progress were mostly Deuce’s and Tri-Five Chevrolets.  Roy has all of his bodies sandblasted and they look really nice with no warpage present in the ones I looked at.  I love cars in the bare metal condition as you can see the wonderful metal work being performed on these sometimes very rough bodies.   He uses his guys for most things but sends out the chop tops and metal shaping of one off cars.  They really save some time by starting with a good car but that is not always possible in todays times.

Roy continues to produce some of the nicest cars being built today and has assembled a very talented group of employees that make it happen.  My hat is off to Roy Brizio Street Rods and all of his team.

Lunch was served and I then headed back to Mill Valley to take my well deserved nap.  I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did taking them.

Stay Tooned!


It is still early and the lot is not full but by 9:00 am is was packed with more roadsters.

I think they use a string to get the cars parked this perfect.  I am not sure about the Model A SO-CAL roadster race car.

Inside was the place to be to keep warm and see what Roy is working on .  The Dee Wescott 5 widow is being restored by Roy and will be perfect after much metal work a panel replacement.  Mumford’s 3 window (one of many) was looking like it just rolled in off the salt.

The five window caught the eye of most people as it was channelled in the front to give it that Cop Shop look.  Note the Vicky row (3 of them) behind the coupe.

Eric Clapton, a regular customer of Roy’s, is building a very unique 4 door Vicky.  Marcel did the metal shaping and it is very nicely done.  The Mercury wheels and caps are Roy’s signature steel wheels of choice.  I like the look also.

The weather warmed up a little so I headed outside to see some of the cars in attendance.  This little 34 3 window was very, very nice and looked like a Brizio built car but I didn’t see the owner and confirm it.

It was still too cold so I came back in a looked at another Vicky being built with a Moal chassis and a LS3 engine.  The top has been chopped 1 inch and is very hard to detect.

In the sea of Deuces this one stood out as having the most different color that I liked a lot.  Almost a CMG color but lighter.

Roy had this 36 roadster up on the lift so you could have a peek at the outstanding undercarriage work performed by the Brizio team.

Parking was a premium but these two roadster drivers were headed to the back lot for a cup of hot coffee.  The “Hot 32” red one sounded really lumpy and the quick change underneath with the side lakes exhaust marked it as one not to challenge.  No bias tires on these hiboys.

Today’s 1936 Ford 3 window coupe……dreaming!

Parked down by me, near the Sanderson Header facility, was this outstanding 1936 Ford 3 window coupe.  A deep navy blue with maroon steelies and white walls combined with a perfect stance had Brizio built written all over it.

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