Weekend Review

Last weekend was hectic as it started on Thursday with a trip to Sanger to look at a 1948 Ford convertible, which I ended up purchasing. My friend Bob went with me and convinced me to buy it and haul it home. The seller, a retired PG&E construction supervisor let us use his trailer which the car was loaded on. All went well, except I did not attend the Hot Rod Reunion as planned. Maybe someone will send me some pictures to post. We saw many Hot Rods coming and going which is always thrilling to me. I like seeing the cars being driven, not towed. Although there is nothing wrong with towing a vehicle, if that’s your thing.

The roadster must be put together quickly as I am out of space to store the convert. I will try to accomplish the assembly this week. The frame came out nice except for the places I welded holes closed. Bondo is next step over Powder Coat ????

Here are some more photos to share.

Stay Tooned!



My new project a 1948 Ford convert…all apart with mint sheet metal and NO RUST!


All loaded and ready for the long ride home. The wife is excited.


Nice stock firewall, no Bitchen firewall for me. It does have a Mll suspension. UGH! Plasma cutter here I come.

Sneak Peek


Nice Deuce 5 window with lots of SO CAL history. Chopped and all.

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