Weekend Recap on Wednesday

The garage doors won out the last couple of days as the wedding date is very close and the people are coming to the house. Funny how a special event can make you get things done you should have done all along. The roadster top is still causing me problems as the second bow just won’t line up correctly. I will tackle that after the wedding.

The weekend was a lot of fun as Bobo and I went to the San Dimas car show on Sunday and had a great time. The Early Ford V8 store is in San Dimas and is always a favorite place of mine to visit. Billy has more V8 parts than anyone I know. His shop is well organized and full of treasures. He has a BBQ in the back with lots of Early Iron to view. More tomorrow.
Have a look.

Stay Tooned!



My traveling companion, Bobo’s 32 5 window. The car always draws a crowd wherever it goes.


Maroon 32 Hiboy in the back lot. Beautiful paint and a Hemi.


A man needs some horsepower to get across town. Polished 6-71 looks good. I think this is a new addition to the car.


Full leather interior fits the overall theme of the car. It also has a QC to make it perfect.


Don’s 37 delivery was there sporting a new logo. Don has started a street rod repair shop in his retirement years. Cool! This car was built by Frantic Freds and has all the bells and whistles. Fred does great work on these delivery’s.


Front door of the Early V8 Store. Old 34 5 window drag car.


Some of the dashes on display.


Long and narrow view of the store. Billy has the parts.


Looking for that Scott Blower for your flathead, no problem….$13K.



Perfect pair. A 40 coupe built by Fat Jack years ago and a Deuce Hiboy with all the trimmings…430 SBC.

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