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Hello! My name is Lynn and I write about cars and automotive events. The purpose of my blog is to relay my passion for early Ford Hot Rods, automotive events and other automotive technical information that might be useful to those who share the same passion. I don’t sell anything except cars and related parts. I only offer them as a favor to my readers with no strings attached (free). Pewsplace is self funded and obtains photos and stories from many sources throughout the world. Photos used on this site may be copied without any permission by simply selecting the photos and copying. (Please respect watermarked photos by keeping the photographer’s copywriter in tact.) Photos sent to me will be used depending on the subject of the blog. I try to use all of them but due to the volume received, it may take a month of two to see your photos. I am particularly interested in 1932-34 Fords, 1940 Fords and Woodies of all years and makes. Technical articles about suspensions, quick changes, engines or metal fabrication are always welcomed. I have received some amazing photos of superb workmanship on otherwise “lost cause” bodies and fenders. If you would like me to cover a certain subject or model year Ford hot rod let me know and I will try to incorporate your request in one of my blogs. Thanks to all of you who have contributed to Pewsplace over the past 10 years.

The weekend brings GG’s P-Town and lots of good times for many enthusiasts from all over the country. The venue is a wonderful place right in the middle of a very clean and peaceful city. Just minutes from downtown San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge, P-Town is a place to visit for many out-of-towners who arrive early and go on the scheduled tours. San Francisco is one of the top tourist attractions in the US. Traffic can be horrendous during rush hour and is particular heavy on the weekends. Plan your driving during non-peak times and you will be just fine. I am staying home this year due to some other commitments but I should have photos on Monday.

The Central Coast Roadsters and the Back Road Boys are planning a get-together in October so watch for the details as Steve and I put the plans together. We love the season and especially the Oktober Fest events. The Germans have been celebrating beer fests since the 1400s and we wouldn’t want to let them down. Plans will include a stop at an establishment for a little beer tasting with a good old fashion Bratwurst sandwich and German ladies serving. Sounds like fun to me.

The Wavecrest Woody show, the Outrider’s Picnic and Dana Point Woody show are some of the big events left for our gang. The final cruise will be to Malibu for the Woody Christmas parade which is a good time during a “Feel Good” season. Who knows – Santa may bring me a Woody.

Stay Tooned!



A very nice 36 sedan delivery showed up at the SB Woodie show. Very subtle but regal in appearance made it worth a second look. Perfect stance helps profile.


I have seen this headliner done before but this one was perfect. Sunshine, my 46 SD had a similar treatment.


Note the unique back bumper on this 36 SD. Hard to find in good shape today.


The 32 had a similar rear bumper but this builder used a standard Deuce bumper.

Image 5

George has the correct rear bumper on his delivery. Access to rear cargo area is much easier with this style bumper.

10 Speed33 offen

From across the pond is this Speed 33 beauty. They look really good with fenders also.


Cory will be picking up his newly refinished roadster. I love seeing this cars parked on the street in a quaint setting. This one if perfect with Hollenbeck’s paint and Sid’s interior.


A reader sent me a photo of his 34 Vicky which is not only rare but beautiful.


Remember how popular these 37 Cabriolets were in the 80’s? Gary owns this one and smooth is good on a 37.


Being a GM man, I can’t walk by a creation like this one not have a look. Lots of straight black panels equally lots of block sanding and a good painter.


My son is looking for a second truck and I thought this one had a lot of class.


I know the top and drastic raked windshield is in style but I wonder how they see out of them to drive. The tiny cockpit is cramped plenty but this style must be really tight and the driver must have to lay down on the floor to drive. The color is a nice change from black and red.


We lost another hot rodder to the big rod run in the sky. Pete Jerardi was one of the true enthusiasts who always would stop and say hello. He owned some really nice cars over the years, but hung on to his 3 window the longest. He will be missed.


Some guys just know how to achieve the “Look” with their builds. I still prefer the outside hinges on my hot rods and this example has them.

Bonneville 100 Year Celebration at P-Town


My long time friend, Tom Walsh, will have his record holder in the midway at P-Town along with several other salt racers. He has owned and maintained this beauty for many years with his son Justine who does the driving these days.

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