Wednesday’s Wrap Up

I was browsing ebay and was amazed that an original 32 roadster, body only, was being advertised for only $50,000. Last week, we had the $150,000 Deuce sedan that seem to reappear on the list but didn’t sell on the site. The price of Deuces continue to surprise me. I looked at some of the best Deuces available at Brizio’s Shop Party and while they cost more than $150,000 to build, they are at least fresh completed cars. I guess the demand is still there for the almighty Deuce no matter what form you find them. The optional Brookville bodies seem to be priced very fairly in the market place based on what I see Henry bodies selling for. The beat goes on! I don’t think SAR sells the model 40 bodies anymore due to the lack of demand and that is not a good thing for us 33/4 lovers. Maybe they can retool when the economy improves. Roy can build any style, original, fiberglass or repo steel into some of the best Hot Rods you could ever imagine. Here are some more photos of the party.

Stay Tooned!


Sid’s 5 window is a keeper and he has added Artillery wheels since I last saw it. Maybe a 5 window would be better than a sedan but I am claustrophobic.

I liked this red hiboy sedan and think it was originally built in the LA area but I am not sure. The car was very fresh looking.

Several 40/41 pickups were present in the parking lot. Roy seems to always have one under construction. I even like the side wheel on this red beauty.

Steve has his long term project parked in the front of Roy’s place for all of us to view. Lots of trick items on this one. The fenders are a typical Moal designed feature on some of his builds. He is a master craftsman.

I spent some time looking underneath this red hiboy. This is the standard build plan for most of Roy’s hiboy roadsters. I want one but am a little lean in the wallet. The red is a House of Color mix. Steve you need to get yours in your garage for the summer months.

I believe this is JJ’s old 34 three window that SO-CAL built. I have always loved the style of this coupe.

A very high end sedan was sitting on the street as the parking lot was filled to the max. Note the frame horn covers on the rear horns. I think the chop looked about right but didn’t have time to measure the windows.

The frame horns were also covered with special hand formed covers. I don’t recall seeing the one previously.

This years AMBR was displayed in a grand fashion. John and Roy should be proud of this fabulous Hot Rod.

For those of you using the stock frame with the T-5, this is how Roy installs the S-10 unit. This is not an inexpensive modification but the T-5 is a vast improvement over the 39 box. Cornhuskers can supply you with all the parts for this conversion.

The 36 wishbones are what Roy is using on several of his Deuce builds with QC’s. These are in primo condition. You simply make some plates and bolt them to your rear and you can use a straight rear spring. Roy cuts off the spring hanger and uses 40 axle tubes with the spring hangers on the housing ends.

Dennis was hiding his RB hiboy sedan on the side of the building. He drives his cars and they always look fresh. Are those General Jumbo’s on the little 3 window?

 Yesterday’s Motors, Today!

Scott had two cars being built at Roy’s, this 3 window and a chopped shoebox. Can you say … BIG MONEY MOTOR? A thing of beauty for us old guys.

A stock 40 sedan was being up-fitted with a very detailed flatty. How high can you go? Maybe Cory will add a blower to his flatty.

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