Wednesday’s Wrap-Up

Thanks to many of you, I now have some wonderful photos of the various events that took place last weekend. The EF meet in Tahoe, 40 Ford Day and Woodies on the Wharf were all record breaking participant events which is a good sign for our hobby. People are back to spending money on their passion instead of worrying about the economy. The economy still has its ups and downs but consumer confidence is back to a moderate level. Cars are changing hands and shops are building some new rides for their customers who can afford them. All in all, the summer looks to be full of activity for those of us who enjoy car events.

I am looking at garage floor coatings, both paint and tile, to determine what is the best surface to keep the floor clean and easy to maintain. Tile seems to be the best if you are not going to be doing any heavy work, but the epoxy paint sure has some good qualities and is less expensive. I am only going to do this once so a few bucks either way isn’t going to matter. I will do the interior walls myself and hire the floor work done. The hardest part of the whole process is moving out the old equipment so you can gain access to the floor and walls. I also plan to prepare all the hanging parts for an earthquake. Items such as pictures, paint cans and hanging tools can do some serious damage on the tops or sides of your hot rod should an earthquake hit your area. We have been through one big one since living here and nothing was damaged but now is the time to prepare for the future.

On my car side, Pepe is finally going to have his tailpipes straightened out so they exit out the back instead of the side. I have made patterns of how I would like to have them routed and just need to locate a good muffler shop who can do the work. Now the fun beings on fixing all the items that require attention on Pepe.

Stay Tooned!


Early Ford V8 50th Anniversary – Lake Tahoe

As you can see from this photo there were lots of cars and people at the 50th Anniversary of the EF V8 Club event in beautiful Lake Tahoe. Thanks George for the photos.

Early Ford hot rods were welcome but had to park in a different area. This little 3 window caught George’s eye.

The stock 40 convertible is a favorite among the Early Ford collectors. This Lyon Blue beauty was standing tall in the pines.

The 39 convertible is also high on the list of favorite Fords. They look good in Dartmouth green.

This rare Deuce Victoria was fully detailed for the concourse on Wednesday. I could not touch one this nice.

The 33 roadster is number one on my list of beautiful cars produced by Henry.

Forty Ford Day – Lapalma Park

The park filled up early and was completely full by mid morning. If you love 40 Fords this is the show to attend.

Lee Kelly’s old 40 sedan was in attendance and had an update on his health after a recent stroke. I wish you a speedy recovery Lee.

One of Jim’s old builds was also in attendance at the show. He loves 40’s and is a master builder of the coupes.

Dave won “Best Open” with his black on black convertible. His car always attracts a crowd and this is the second major rebuild for him.

Woodies on the Wharf – Santa Cruz

The wharf also provides lots of space for the woodies. I heard there were around 180 woodies in attendance making this the second largest event on the west coast.

Shoebox woodies are growing in popularity and were out in full force. Wood is less expensive and cars are more plentiful. We love our woodies in California. “California Dreaming on such a sunny day” as the song goes.


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  2. If your going to run exhaust out the back, make sure the rear door is sealed well, the fumes tend to draft inside, with station wagons and panels, sedan del.


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