Wednesday’s Worries

Seems like the month of January always starts off with lots of problems. The weather is bad, my back is bad, my wife has too many projects for me to do, you know the drill. I have spent the last day trying to find someone to haul the car I am interested in purchasing. I found out that there are a lot of people who haul cars in good weather, but not many want to venture out in the Winter time. Maybe I will have better luck today. Sounds like I should wait until Spring to buy something.

Here is another delivery that is available in the warm country of California and I could drive it home.

Stay Tooned and Warm.



Currently in Northern California this old school 47 delivery is available for adoption. 350/350, IFS, old lacquer paint.


Rear door on these models allows great access for the swap meet goods.


Nice stance and profile for a big delivery.


Flames add that race style this old push truck. Could be a fun ride with a little work.



See this months Street Rodder magazine for a full feature. Rolling Bones special Deuce Tudor.

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