Wednesday’s Worries

I am off to the office early to see if Bob brought his new top home. I sure hope it come out to his liking. Bob likes things nice and clean so I am sure it will be done right. I hope to spend most of the day on Andre. I want to remove the rear lock cylinder without the hassle I had on the first one. Piece of cake.

I received a lot of mail concerning yesterday’s 40 coupes. The fellow who builds these cars is a perfectionist and has the process down to a science. Tim is retired and works on cars as a hobby not a business. He is restoring a 1957 Chevy FI car right now, but has plans for another coupe in the future. I think you will agree his cars have the traditional look with the modern conveniences. He does drive them and they provide a quality ride with a solid axle.

Another builder of 40 Fords is Bob in Clearlake. He has built several real nice forties. Bob is a good paint and body man and painted some of Tim’s cars. Bob has a real nice coupe for sale which is pictured below. Forty Fords will always be one of my favorite cars and I am grateful to anyone who restores them. If you can only have one car a 1940 Ford is not a bad choice for style, ride and comfort.

I need to head out and take some photos so…

Stay tooned!



Bob’s Tahitian Red 40 coupe. Real nice.


Bob’s top was done so I took some photos at the office. Looks really good in my opinion.


The bows and irons really show up against the black headliner. Neil Gates really makes great top assemblies. He has the eye for the correct look for a Deuce hiboy top.


Rear profile shows top style for a correct period top.


Inside view of a chopped 3 inch windshield. Looks cool from the passenger seat. I just fit if I slouch down. Albert will lower seat by 2 inches and it will be perfect. I need a place to ride you know.


Bob wanted the snaps and they look very correct for the period.


Another view from the front. Flap at windshield keeps wind out.


Side profile shows the early look with the top being parallel with the door. Great job by Albert. Maybe I will take my top irons over to him when he returns.


Bo’s top has the same look. Circa 1948.

Today’s ride… dreaming.


Another sedan hiboy going together on JJ. Photoshop chop of 5 1/2 front and 4 1/2 rear. A little too much for me but really has the Bonneville look.

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