Wednesday’s Worries

Lots of rain today. We have not had a significant rain for many years in LA. I am from the Midwest so I like rain and love a nice rainy day to work in the garage. I have the dash completely apart and have some stubborn screws to remove. Rust is wonderful stuff caused by rain. Poor Andre had lots of exposure but now is safe and dry. Saving Andre is my number one project for this year.

On another subject, Canepa Design in Scotts Valley, CA has a magnificent new building with lots of cars for sale. Steve sent in some photos that I will share with you. Thanks Steve. Steve is more addicted to cars than I am. You can see more cars by visiting his website .

I will be short today so …

Stay Tooned!



Jim Smith built this nice roadster that is now at Canepas. Jim always is ahead of the curve but traditional. Top shelf builder.


Pierson Bros. coupe was also in for some fine tuning.


One of my favorites, the double nickel, built by Don Thelan in the 80’s is getting some freshening up by Bruce’s team. This car was owned by several people but most recently by Tim Allen of Home Improvement fame. Bruce Meyer now owns the car. Bruce has them all.


Bob sold his 40 coupe to Bruce who has added his taste to the car. This is a very nice 40 coupe.


George of SD fame has another project waiting for his time. A mint Deuce Vicky.


Tom Sewell interior with nice dash.


Fun T at the Throttlers. I don’t know if I would fit but it sure looks like a fun ride. No frills.

Today’s ride…dreaming.


Riding down the 118 in a 40 coupe one early Saturday morning.

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