Wednesday’s Worries

I was up early and while walking I noticed my neighbor was getting ready to move to a retirement community near Palm Springs. I should be doing the same thing as houses are now selling in under a week. The price is down but the homes are selling. Our children are in the Bay area so that is where we go when the time is right. Moving is one of the most stressful events you can go through. For us hot rodders, the move of our babies is most important and expensive. GM used to only move one extra car so I normally sold the cars locally rather than transport them myself. Today you can hire professional companies like Reliable and not have to worry about damage. If I were to move now I would have to have a big garage sale as there would be no room at the Inn in our new retirement home. Andre would have a place at the new digs as I am sure I will get a least a three car garage. For now I am very content in Simi Valley and like the weather much better.

This weekend is the Throttlers Picnic and I am looking forward to seeing some traditional cars. Here are some pictures from last years show.

I am off to see if I can get a “Swine Flu” shot. Listening to the news we are about to wiped off the earth with the flu epidemic.
I am going to get an extra one for Lucy and Andre just in case they come down with something.

Stay Tooned!



The super 27 Track roadster will be sitting on the hill looking ready for a race.


My favorite 34 roadster should be there. Nothing ever changes with this car and that is good news to me.


Billy’s model A always arrives early and sits under the trees.


Lots of primer cars at this show. I love them and they bring back good memories of my youth.


Don moved to AZ so may not be here this year. Nice Deuce with the early look I like.


Famous 40 coupe shows up each year and draws a big crowd even though it is and old one. Yes!


Don’t these two make a lovely couple.


Early line up under the trees. The air is brisk, the smell of pancakes and syrup make you hungry. Five dollars gets you a super breakfast.


Bill may drive his 40 convert. He has held on to this one for a long time.

Today’s ride…dreaming.


This should be me driving over to Burbank in the early morning.

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