Wednesday’s Worries

I have been feeling better so I headed over to Orme Brothers to pick up some rear brake lines for the roadster. I have had these on the to do list for about 6 months and finally decided to help out the economy for Obama. All went well until I tried to install the wheel cylinder fittings. It seems like the replacement wheel cylinders for the Buick rear brakes are 7/16 x 20 versus the 3/8 x 24 on the original wheel cylinders. This is what makes mixing and matching parts so much fun. I placed a call to Orme and yes, they have them but I will need to return the old ones. I told them I will keep them and purchase another set to make sure I have both in my repair kits. The fronts are Wilson Welding Buick’s which have 3/8 x 24 threads. Isn’t this fun.

Now, if I can have Donnie help me with the brakes I should be able to have a good pedal this week. I hate to move the car on a trailer without good brakes. Manny one time drove my car off the trailer and on to his rack without any brakes. I didn’t watch.

I feel like I need to work on the roadster or sell it as it has been sitting for over a year without much progress. Joe’s passing provided me with some inspiration as he always told me to get going and get it done. O.K., one more attempt.

I have some photos today of various coupes that I like. I received several comments about fenderless 5 windows. Maybe they do look good with fenders, but I have had those and they are not hot rods. Resto rods were a thing of the 70’s. Hot Rods are what is happening in the current world. I think that is my age. I grew up with Hot Rods and went through the cowl lights, Sparton Horns, Kelsey wheels and woodgrained moldings in the 70’s.

SO-CAL started the Retro look and has always been a leader in the Hot Rod movement. I think if Pete decided to promote garage doors with the SO-CAL logo they would become very popular. He always has had a vision for developing a nitch market. Remember Fat Fendered cars in the eighties? Yes, Pete started that movement. My marketing teacher in graduate school told me you could not create a market. I knew he was wrong.

Now he has everyone wanting a Deuce roadster and a SO-CAL T-shirt. I know I do. I purchased the T-shirt.

Enough BS, here are some more photos.

Stay Tooned!



This is how you keep the younger generation interested in old Fords. Larry built a winner and now living in NorCal.


You need to keep the men interested also. Jan’s nice coupe with a youngster in the rumble seat. My kids loved it back there.


They don’t have to be fancy. Take the fenders off and drive it.


Michigan is beautiful and so is the car. This must be on a rare sunny, summer day. The guy wanted $85K as I recall.


Rusty ones are O.K. also. This beauty would be right at home today. On the street waiting for Frank to purchase and paint.


Stock height and looking good. Sometimes you need to leave them alone and just drive em.


Yes, SO-CAL can build you a five window like this. They make nice FG ones today. Don’t tell anyone and they won’t know.

Today’s ride…dreaming!


OLD…Jim has set the bar for 5 windows. Cadillac motor and heavy chop. Who owns this now?


New…Dave set the standard for the recent builds when he built this one for Poteet. George likes his 5 windows. He has them all.

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