Wednesday’s Worries

This will be the last post this week as I am very busy getting ready for the LARS. Yes, I have a full agenda plus house guests that I must entertain. I am sure I will see some of you at the show. I look forward to this show for a whole year and try to keep myself pumped right up until I see my first roadster on the 210 freeway…then I am in heaven.

I have received several emails from some of you who are in town and visiting the shops. I wish I had my car done so I could cruise with you, but I am happy just riding in my truck, being a spectator. The weather promises to be beautiful and not the June gloom we all know. Leave the top at home, in your trunk or hotel room. Topless all weekend is the rule.

Have a great time and …

Stay Tooned!


Today’s Top Ten


SO-CAL built classic hiboy with bones and QC.


Don’s is also a Top Ten car in my book. His was one of the first pre-war lookers.


The first hiboy I saw was Tom’s in 1963 at Indy. I fell in love with this one.


Bob’s primer 32 with baby hemi, Duvall and excellent construction details.


Jeff’s Moal built 29 is also a keeper. I see this car once a year at the LARS.


Barry’s clone is not too bad either. I have pictures of his real deal from the 70’s I am scanning for an article.


John’s is also a very nice traditional ride…very, very nice.


I watched this car at CSR’s being put together by Chuck for Jim, then Andy and then Ken. Ken did an outstanding job of putting together roadster using Dave Simard’s artistic talents and some parts he had acquired. One of the best IMHO.


Prolific builder from Canada has a new Deuce all the time. Seen here at the NW Deuce Day in BC 2 years ago. Color was really nice on this car.


Mo’s maroon beauty. Jack saved one of the fastest cars of the era.

Todays ride…dreaming!


Nice 36 with the look. Fenders are O.K. aren’t they?

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