Wednesday’s Worries

Rain and clouds make for a gloomy June day in LA. I headed out early to see what was going on at the office and everyone was talking about the poor weather. We are spoiled in LA as we have mostly sunny days and moderate temperature. Rain is a welcome site and roadster lovers have a chance to see it their top still fits the car. Most tops help with the rain but do very little to keep the rain out of the driver’s compartment. Sid offers side curtains with his top and they do work. Our real roadster drivers leave their rides at home. Bobo and I have driven his in the rain and it wasn’t bad at 85 mph.

I was planning on going to the NHRA Museum Twilight Cruise today, but the rain will reduce the attendance and fun. I read on the HAMB that the Museum was closing, moving in with the Petersen and being converted into a conference building for the Sheraton. Now that is a sign of the times I could do without. The Petersen is great but it is downtown not in Pomona where the Drag Racing is done. Hopefully, all will work out for the best. My friend, Tony, is the museum manager and a very capable person. I am not sure were he is going.

The “times they are a changing” as the Bob Dylan songs states so you just as well adjust and go on with life. Times are difficult and probably will not improve for a few years. In the meantime, enjoy your hobby and look forward to the next event.

Remember, every time your drive your roadster and you receive a thumbs up from a passer-by you will have an immediate smile on your face. Now, that is what I am talking about.

Stay Tooned!



John has a nice 34 that he could leave as a hiboy and be cool. Canada is cold without a top.


Here is this weeks project. I am building the 40 axle tubes for the QC. I use a stock center section for mock up. I will not risk the shiny Winters as I always nick them when moving things around.


I rotate the seam to the front of the housing so it does not show from the rear.


I tried these 9 inch Ford housing ends, but they would not work as the oil seal lip had been cut off by mistake…not by me.


The initial mock looked good and everything lined up with the cross members.


I set the pinion angle at Zero as the QC looks wrong tilted up toward the front of the car. 1 – 2 degrees up is O.K.


The front mounting bar for the P&J ladder bars needs to be cut and fitted. This is somewhat difficult for me without a mill.


CSR has the perfect look in his Halibrand. Nice work by Chucky.


Housing ends were installed by Currie. They have a jig and straighten the housing prior to welding on the ends.


Bay Area Roadsters line up at last years show. I am sure they will be here on Thursday as usual.


New products are always introduced at the LARS. These bones were right on the money but high on the price.


Always look under the trees as these guys always have QC’s for sale.

Todays ride…Dreaming


Brizio delivery for the parts hauling today and the car will keep out the rain.

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