Wednesday’s Worries

I wondered around yesterday all day doing nothing but garage hopping. First, Bob and I discussed his 40 coupe project and the exhaust system on his roadster. All of these discussions require coffee and Chocolate Chip cookies at Mikey D’s. This is a daily habit. I remembered it was Topper’s Tuesday so I left the office and headed to Toppers for some pizza and salad. I eat somethings that are good for me to offset the cookies. After much discussion about the weekend car shows, I stopped by Bobo’s to check the progress on the Deuce chassis. John was there doing all the work and Bobo was looking through his assortment of parts out in the side yard. Bobo has lots of parts, including a Culver City QC that has been in a 3 window for 40 years. Plans call for a Deuce chassis with a dropped axle, Halibrand, flathead, and bias tires. He has a 30 chopped model A coupe he is installing on the chassis to make an “Old School” hot rod. Bobo has a dream of a Washington blue coupe for his next ride.

I came home and was inspired enough to work on the sedan chassis. Things are going slow as the stimulus check has not arrived for me to make some big purchases. I am making progress just not as fast as I would like. Maybe some pictures on Friday.

Thanks again for all the pictures the viewers continue to send. I appreciate it.

Stay Tooned!



I know the tops used to point upward in the front but this one got it all wrong. Thanks to JF for his pictures.


Full fendered Deuce at CCC with padded top. He has this parking place every year.


This guy most certainly is an engineer from the Silicon Valley. Lots going on here.

Today’s ride…Dreaming.


Nice sedan. Simple and black with 5 spokes.

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