Wednesday’s Worries

Rain has been a welcome occurrence in dry Southern California but it makes working in the garage a little cool this time of year. Driving the roadster is prohibitive due to dangerous mud slides and pot holes. It has been a long time since we have had this much rain in our town.

During the storms I spent my time gathering all of my parts to list on the HAMB. I have made the decision I will not attempt to build any more cars from the ground up and therefore, have no need for the parts in storage. The years of collecting parts for future projects are over. Working on the ground is difficult for me and I just don’t do it any more. Donnie helps me when I need something major done and it works out for both of us.

I found the market for my old Ford parts is on the HAMB or Ford Barn. Selling seems to be easy on these wonderful sites. Shipping is the tough part as shipping rates seem to be sky high for odd shaped parts. I have a local UPS Store who provides me with some estimates so I can quote the customer. Sometimes shipping is more than the part cost. Foreign shipments are the most expensive but buyers seem to pay the tariff as they can’t find the part in their country.

I love the selling game and provide honest descriptions and reasonable prices. I also provide photos for inspection and guaranteed satisfaction or money back policy. The For Sale section will now include parts as well as cars. Please note the new rules for listing a car.

See you next week at the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona!

Stay Tooned!


Car Photos

My first 40 convertible was a running and driving Hot Rod with a little engine work. My friend Geoff did the body work at Dan Finks.

Original 40-41 rear tail light brackets are rare although Wescott makes them. These are the driver’s side which were required by law. Six states required a passenger side which is hard to locate. I have cut and flipped driver sides and made them passenger sides.
Building a tub doesn’t have to break the bank. Keep it traditional and simple.

Chevrolets also make nice tubs from 4-doors.
Boyd built Tony this beauty using his smooth style.
Jane was loving Bob’s 3W done is the 80’s style.
Traditional coupes come from SO-CAL in a true early look with excellent curb appeal.
The late eighties I hooked up with Boyd for my Tri-Five era.

Sandy and Girlie won lots of prizes with her Monnich built 40 coupe.
Tom needed some more leg room so he added 5″ behind the cab.

I like hiboys and this FG coupe looks great to me. Right Steve!!

Probably one of the best shots of a flamed 40 coupe I’ve seen.

Again, don’t break the bank. Use a Wescott body and primer the body and chassis.

Forty sedans make great drivers.

My first 48 Ford convertible was a big hit with me and my wife. Great rode cars.

If I could only have on roadster this would be the one. A 1933 is tops in my book.
Gary built this Wescott beauty in the 80’s and it’s still like new.

I am beginning to love these 36 tubs.

My dream woodie would look like this.

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