Wednesday’s Worries

I have been busy seeing doctors this week and it seems like the older I get the more I need to see a doctor at least once a week. I’m a veteran and therefore go there every 6 months for a check up plus my regular doctors. This doesn’t leave much time for working in the garage. I have been telling you about my hand and today I learned I have carpal tunnel and need a minor operation so I don’t lose nerves in my right hand. I know many of you have felt the numbness in your hand from time to time and ignore it. Don’t ignore it as it can lead to serious loss of your affected hand. Enough medical stuff. I may miss a few days but it shouldn’t be a long recovery to use my hands again.

Poppy is still not running. We have replaced everything we know that could cause the problem, including the relay for the electric fuel pump. The car will not start now due to no fuel delivery from the pump. I promise I will solve this problem myself and consider it a challenge that I accepted. Maybe by Friday!

I receive some real nice photos of a 40 and 29 that you will enjoy.The 40 coupe is the work of Tim Bedford and the 29 is the work of several people but was started by Warren. I hope you enjoy these beautiful Hot Rods. Remember, to send me any photos you want me to publish on my blog. In process, or finished is O.K. Any ladies that read my blog, please send me your rides or interest as I have many new lady followers. Most are Mustang, Camaro or Try-five Chevrolet lovers. I like all of those cars also.


“The fire continues to Burn at Pewsplace”

Stay Tooned!



click on photo for a larger imageĀ 

Gary had Tim put the finishing touches on his beautiful 40 coupe.

The classic Deluxe model seems to be the favorite of most people.

The unusual interior is Gary’s choice and turned out nice.

The FI unit is period perfect.

This 29 has lots of history and has changed hands many times in the last few years. Warren’s details are second to none.

The classic rear end was the way nice cars were built Jeff now has this car and it is local.

The engine is also highly detailed and a mover.

The interior was done in Bob’s garage after he purchased it from Warren.

Another 29 that was smoothed out and done up in Hugger Orange.

I have always liked the 29 on Deuce rails but I don’t fit in them.

This one would sure look good at any show.

I love this car but the salesman is sleeping on the job.

There is something about this 40 pickup that just hits me with WOW!

The Swiss Alps are breathtaking in a roadster.

I would be happy with this primered daily driver.

Primer and a kit from SO-CAL is all you need and bucket full of money.

I am always attracted to the chopped sedan hiboys. Note the rear wheel placement.

The father had his new Chevrolet and the son had his 34 roadster and was finishing working on it prior to Date Night.

In our tours we just like to stop and view the ocean and feel the sun and smell the sea water.

After a super day of cruising we all stop to smell the roses!

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