Wednesday’s Opportunities

Well, it finally happened! Pepe let me down and started acting crazy last night. I was simply moving the car outside for a washing when the motor wouldn’t turn over easy (unusual with EFI) and was only hitting on a few cylinders. My first thought was the battery was producing less than 10 volts and the computer was in the LIMP mode. I opened the hood and noticed oily water all over the driver’s side fender panel. I glanced at the rear tailpipe and noticed that a large puddle of oily water was on the driveway. I was certain it was a blown head gasket but the starting issue and loud bang noise was still a mystery. I put the car away and closed the garage door and called it a night. I have been there many times in my hot rod blues days and found it better to get a good nights sleep and tackle the problem in the morning.

Tuesday morning, I called Inglese and discussed the problem and they suggested the battery was the culprit and was causing the computer to push too much fuel in the injectors causing the detonation sound I heard. (hope I didn’t hurt the rods) I discussed the problem with several people and deiced to do some testing. The battery tested 13 Volts so that eliminated a bad battery. I pulled the valve cover and everything looks clean and nothing bent that I can see in a static condition. I will try to the starter in the morning as well as plug in the computer analyzer to see if I have any error codes. I am very new to this computer controlled engine technology but I’m going to learn how to make it work in my mind. Injectors can clog up and cause problems also as well as a mired of other items in the electronic system employed in the FAST system. A Hot Rod must be understood to by driven on the long trips we take or we will end up on a roll back from AAA!

The journey continues and the bumps in the road go along with what we love doing the best — working on our Hot Rods!

Stay Tooned!


click on photo for a larger image


The engine looks clean inside so far with no obvious damage. I can’t check the spark plugs unless I pull the headers.


The Walsh boys are burning midnight oil to run the 27 at TROG next month.


Rick’s roadster is the trend setter of recent builds. Some builders know how to make a Deuce Different.


The Tale of Two Deliveries! Great Photoshop Glenda!


The 36 Phaeton is also a nice ride and something a little different.


This one has some history in LA as it was used by a CBS reporter.


Adding the tonneau over the back seat adds some security when parked. I love the chop and w/s angle.


Same car with top down. Note CBS license plate frame.


The 35 Phaeton is equally as nice a ride as any Phaeton.


Here is another nice 36 Phaeton with a lowered stance and red steelies.


I wonder how many of these Project Phaetons will hit the road next year.


Here is another photo of Skips (Lokar) in a beautiful setting.


Another Rodger Bell look-a-like in MN.


Boyd and Thom put this tudor Phaeton style on the map and won the AMBR award. Larry Murray was the owner.


Boyd followed up with this AMBR contender for Larry’s wife, Judy!

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