Wednesday’s Worries

The morning started off on a bad note. I backed Pepe out of the garage and when I came back in the house to retrieve my phone, I noticed a large patch of yellow water on the drip pan. I have been having this leaking problem for a couple of weeks but can’t locate the cause. The liquid is definitely from the radiator but all the hose connections are dry. I brought over my experts and they seem to thing it was coming from a loos manifold bolts in the rear of the Inglesee manifold. The bolts have been loos previously, but I never noticed any leaking. I seem to have trouble keeping the bolts tight which I have never experienced before. Perhaps the aluminum heads and steel bolts are the problem. I have never added any Loctite but I may try that next. The rear bolts are difficult to access with the injectors but thanks to Bob-O they are now tight. I have driven it to heat up the water and now have it parked to see what happens in the morning. Each morning there has been a pool of water under the engine and coming presumably from the rear end of the engine. The freeze plugs are also back there but cannot be viewed without removing the transmission. I am thinking positively, but prepared for the worst. I have never had a freeze plug go bad, but there is always a first time.

While the Toppers’ boys were visiting, we discussed the 34 chassis and the new frame jig. They agree it is a nice piece of equipment for building a chassis. You can stand up and work without hurting your back and the table rotates for welding the bottom of the chassis while still in the frame. We also discussed the use of coil-overs versus a stock 34 rear spring. I have used both and don’t have any preference except for the style of car I am building. Coil-overs are easier to install and can be replaced easily as opposed to finding a stock curved spring if the main leaf should break. I have located a nice stock 34 rear crossmember but I am undecided about a quick change rather than the 9 inch. Dave said the quick change is strictly eye candy (cosmetic) rather than functional and can be a hassle on the road if problems occur. I know a model-A spring is out of the question as I have never been able to obtain a decent ride with this set up. Coil-overs with a quick change is my choice if I decide to go that route. I have the chassis all marked for the proper distances thanks to the P&J web site. I have always used their products without any disappointments in quality or service after the sale. They are good people to deal with.

Tomorrow will be another day and hopefully a brighter one with no leaks on the drip pan. The life of a Hot Rodder is never without a challenge to keep us on our toes. Remember — complacency breeds restlessness.

Enjoy the day!

Stay Tooned!



The black forties were all parked at “Pewsplace” to help diagnose the leaking water problem. That is Bob-O doing the checking. I provided the mat and tools. Dave’s convert and Bob-O’s sedan looked good and the neighbors had to take a closer look.


We compared the rear bumpers on the sedan and convert and noticed how far the convertible bumpers extends past the rear fenders.


Dave Stoker put together a nice collage of my photos which I really appreciate.


The first outing with the new upholstery and paint attracted this photographer. I would have stayed there for hours.


The green interior really provides a nice look with the shiny black paint. The simple dash and white steering wheel add to the era build.


Rick’s roadster is probably one of the most photographed hiboys since Ryan completed the build. If you want the “LOOK” you must see Reeds Designs.


Graeme has a super nice 5 window going together and needs a right front fender. Let me know if anyone has a nice original one for sale.


GM, Performance Parts was involved with this car when SO-CAL made it ready for Bonneville. The owner is now going drag racing with a SBC replacing the ECOTEC.


Henry at Steadfast builds some nice Deuces with the perfect stance. The pickup was first followed by a trend setting sedan. He offers some nice Deuce chassis and parts.


We should see more of these 5-windows being built. The super straight body with chrome glistening and Greyhound racing on the grille is certain to be a crowd favorite.


Lots of you seem to like the 40 rags so I thought you might like this one. The chopped coupe isn’t bad either.


I like the 46-8 converts in the stock form with a modern driveline. I am partial to Maize Yellow with Tan interiors.

Wednesday’s Project Ideas


This 34 chassis is being built to handle some serious horsepower.

Holy Bones

Dave and I like the bones for our next projects. I found this helpful chart on the HAMB which should be useful to those who like holes. I would have to sleeve them but many people leave them open.


The plain and simple Champ with 40 axle tubes will always be my favorite but the new V8 Winters with tapered steel bells is now the choice for most. You don’t have to chase all the parts and spend $$$$.


Here is the standard set-up using the 9 inch and coil-overs. Which do you like? — Not much difference in price.


The 34 offers an easy shock and headlight position by using the fender brace holes. Note the headlight stand.


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