Wednesday’s Worries

“Energy follows focus” is a statement I learned while working for GM.  The true test of a manager is to stay focused on the top priorities each day.  We had to take the “In Box” test to determine if we could stay focused on the hot buttons of the day.  Keep in mind these challenges changed sometimes hourly due to the nature of the business.  Building and or driving a hot rod is no different.  As you recall, I have had numerous hot start problems with Ruby and have really been focused on solving the problem. Yesterday the car would not start at all and I could not isolate the cause.  I have juice to the solenoid and switch but when you turn the key nothing happens.  I am going to pull the starter off today and install a new one.  I think all the hot starting problems over the past years have caused to solenoid to go bad.  Problem solving consists of a series of eliminating possible causes and staying focused.

I was reminded yesterday that the Hershey Swap Meet is next month and some of our gang are going out for the event.  When I lived in Detroit I used to go with John and walk around in the rain and mud searching for Deuce parts.  Keep in mind even in the 60’s Deuce parts were scarce and over priced.  I sometimes wondered why I never fell in love with the 40 Ford in those days as their prices were inexpensive compared to Deuces.  The reproduction parts have not made the original parts any less valuable but have provided the restorer/hot rodder with an alternative.  The reproduction aftermarket is a multi-million dollar industry and I am very thankful for the Bob Drakes of the world.

I am off to the parts store and focused on solving the “In Box” hot button of the day.

Stay Tooned,


Art can build some super nice traditional hot rods.  This is his latest 29 RPU with a strong flathead.  His current project is a 29 roadster hiboy.

A now retired dentist built this car in 1945 and still drives it on the streets looking for action.  T’s were the hot set up in the 40’s when you couldn’t afford a Deuce.

Black 34 three window coupes rank right up there on my list of cars to collect.  Note how straight the car is when looking down the sides.

Frantic said you need a GM mini- starter if you want one that lives.

Here is another type that is longer and will not work on Ruby with her Sanderson cast iron headers.

Custom Auto had a hand in this one and the picture speaks for the quality of their work.  Power is from a 409 Chevy.

The rear window is perfect size on this three inch chop.  1937 tail lamps look good mounted back on the frame.  The tank hanging out on a sedan needs to be camouflaged to help reduce the bulkiness.

Here is a classic Deuce pickup painted Washington Blue with Tacoma wheels and whitewall tires.  This was at Roy’s shop party last year.

Deuce tubs really do excite me when I see one a nice as this one.  I believe this is the old Bob Drake tub from the past.  I sure miss the PRC Reliability Run.

This is more my speed.  Lucy is better looking with her Duvall windshield and speedster top.  Looks like fun to me.

Today’s 3 window….dreaming!

Larry found this one in a backyard and built it to my taste in three windows.  Everything is black and beautiful.  The photo was taken at the San Pedro Woody show a couple of years ago.  Keeper should be painted on the window.

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