Wednesday’s Worries

Each day when your are retired you must come up with something to keep your mind and body active.  The “Office” is a good place to start as you can certainly hear a lot of opinions of how to fix something on your Hot Rod.  Today was no exception.  The U-joint failure at an early stage makes everyone wonder what could be wrong with the car.  The driveshaft, pinion angle, rear end lash, we discussed all the possibilities.  I decided that I would stop by NAPA and pick up a new 1310 series U-joint and some other items I needed for Lucy.  I came home and started right to work on Ruby while she is in the garage in case I don’t finish the project today.

Removal of the driveshaft was relatively easy once the car was jacked up in the air.  The joint always fails on the u-bolt side never on the yoke side which leads me to believe the problem may be in the u-bolts.  They were all very tight except one which was loosened a little. This is the cap that failed so I took a closer look and the u-bolt was almost cut in half from the wobble in the joint.  Ruby has an eight inch Ford rear axle with a 1310 series u-joint and the u-bolts fit the yoke as they should so I need to determine why the sudden failure.  I also am going to have the new joints installed with a press not a hammer to see if that helps.

I had several comments about yesterday’s 34 roadster and did I have any more photos or information.  I really don’t know anymore but will ask Tom who sent me the photos to see if he can locate the owner for a feature.  I like the car also but still rank Rodger’s at the top of my list for models 40 full fendered roadsters.  I know of two 34 roadster projects that are coming up for sale but my ship is still in the horizon.

Stay Tooned!


Here is a stock seat in a delivery.  I like plain and simple but would need arm rests for my body on long trips.

Here is another delivery with a stock seat and stock pattern done in vinyl.  The deluxe dash and woodgraining don’t look bad either.

Here is a rare bird and I don’t want to own one these Siebert Hearst conversions as I am not ready to go just yet.

Here are the correct stock seats for a delivery.  Hard to locate and not very comfortable.  Dash looks good in this one but arm rests are too high up for my wife to use.  Yes, she goes with me to the events.

Here is the Classic Instrument version of the 40 standard dash panel.  Very nice and would look good in a delivery.

The components and controls for the dash and gauges look hi-tech.  Note they are all new not 40 style.  I think this panel cost more than Andre did to purchase.

Tom had his beautiful 40 coupe in Steve’s booth for all to admire.  This one deserves a second look especially underneath.

Here is a classic hiboy back in the 80’s.  Wescott body on a stock frame and chopped windshield.  This was the way to go in that era.  I had one real close to this one in 1980 while living in NH.  I wonder what happened to the car.

This gold 40 pickup wowed them at P-Town this year.  Looks like a flat motor under the hood.  I love it.

Today’s 5 window…..dreaming!

Here is a Hot Rod for all of us to dream about.  I have not seen the finished version but I hear it is perfect in “Black”.  Someday!

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