Wednesday’s Worries

I spent the morning in the operating room having a minor fatty tissue removed from my foot.  It has been bothering me for a while so the doctor decided to remove it.  I am a very big coward when it comes to having someone cut on my body.   I have not had a great success with most surgeries.  I am home resting this afternoon and hopefully will be fine in a couple of days.  I felt good enough to make it over to Chip’s house and secure the pulley’s I needed for Lucy.  He was working on a beautiful 1960 original owner Corvette that was absolutely primo in my book.  He does perfect work on his restorations.  It was over 100 degrees in the valley so I headed back home to the cooler temperatures. (90’s).

Sometimes resting gives you a chance to reflect on your next moves on your projects.  I feel ready to tackle some more difficult items on Andre next week and seeing the delivery my friend Dave found makes me want to have mine bead blasted and primered.  I will check some new places out for a quote tomorrow.  Andre is ready for some assembly work once the chassis and body or cleaned.  Ajax will pick up the chassis and have it back in a couple of days all powder coated and shiny black.  They pickup and deliver so all I have to do is provide the cherry picker for their lift gate.  You can’t paint one for what they charge to do the coating.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day.

Stay Tooned!


Here is another primo SO-CAL delivery that needs restoring.  This is a 1940 model as you can tell by the hood and front crossmember.

Dave used to own this 3 window a few years ago.  John had Roy build him this driver for this year’s road trips.  I saw it at the LARS in June.  Stunning, as are all of his cars.

Sid can do some nice work and this is a perfect style for John.  Roy is using a lot of woodgraining in his builds.

Here is the engine with all Edelbrock hoses for the fuel system.  This is another way to go for the fuel lines.

Tom sent in some photos of the WA contingent at Bonneville this year.  I love this photo with mostly model 40’s.

Don had his fresh 40 Woody with the full flathead on the avenue in Monterey.  CMG is my favorite for the Woody.

Another Don had his CMG coupe on the same street.  I have seen this one many times and they don’t get any better than this one.

Canepa’s is close by so you may as well stop in and see another CMG 40 to make your day complete.  I thank Steve for his photos and wish I could buy him the coupe he has always wanted.  Keep looking Steve and you will find the right one.

Pardon the body shop dust but here is a photo of Dave’s new dash in his convertible.  Looks like an ash tray…but!

Under the ash tray is the A/C vent.  Neat idea and lots of work.

If you lift up the radio plate you will find another A/C vent.  Another good idea.  You see the radio in the speaker area which will also lift up.  Dave went crazy after seeing Bedford’s forties.

Today’s 36 coupe….dreaming!

Roy can build your dreams and has done so for over 300 customers since being in business.  He loves those Mercury wheels.

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