Wednesday’s Worries

I am a big American Idol fan so I was sitting in front of the TV when I heard my computer ring as it does when I have a new message.  I quickly took a look and Neal had sent me some photos of a sedan delivery rear bumper I have been looking for.  At first it didn’t appear to be the correct one, but I confirmed the measurements this morning it looks correct.  Thanks to Neal and Steve for thinking of me and Andre.  Remember networking is important when searching for old Ford parts.

Another miracle happened today on the 40 coupe charging problem.  We replaced the requlator with a new one and it still did not charge.  The last thing we checked was the new generator.  Bob had purchased this rebuilt one from the V8 store and it turned out to be a dead player.  Sometimes these old cars really can cause you headaches when you don’t know what you’re doing.  Having new parts doesn’t always mean they are perfect.  The regulator and generator both turned out to be defective.  The stress level on this task has proven to be very high.  Bob will exchange the generator for a new one and hopefully everything will be fixed and work properly.

As for me I am starting to get excited about the LARS next month.  Each year I start to get anxious and may even drive out to Pomona to see the new set up this year.  Max has called and wants to share a swap space, but I am not able to do the swap meet this year.  I have my friends from Northern Cal coming down as they do every year and the wife is going to go up north so we should have a good time.  Next month I will feature some of the changes to the LARS this year and some of the great cars of the past shows.

Stay Tooned!


Sometimes you need to stick to the basics when building a Deuce hiboy roadster.  This is a local car that was built with a SO-CAL chassis and Brookville body.  The engine is a 283 hooked to a 4 speed and 9 inch rear end.  The interior has an Auburn dash panel, Glide seat with plain covering and very little else.  The laid back post make this roadster a real good looking racer with late model dependability.  I don’t know who owns the car now but it should be in my garage.

Here is another way to have a roadster for under $20K.  Find yourself a stock chassis and add a Brookville body.  Have some fun on the weekend.

Thanks to Neal and Steve for keeping me in mind on for this sedan delivery rear bumper.  Andre is getting his Father’s Day present early.

I had never seen this photo of these famous Pasadena guys until the HAMB posted this photo last week.  I wonder what happened to this one?

Dave caught these two retro rides sitting long enough for him to take a photo.  Note the tail light stand on the coupe and the Coca-Cola tail gate on the pickup.  Lucy has the same tail light stand that I made several years ago.

Having fun in a hot rod is made more comfortable by driving a nice CMG 40 coupe.  It can be stock and still fit in at any event.  Steve was drooling while taking this photo.

I love garages with the old glass display cases filled with early Ford goodies.  All garages need a Deluxe 40 dash and Deuce grill insert hanging on the wall or sitting on the shelf.

If you tire of the flathead or SBC then step up to a banger like this beauty.  H&H will build you a runner but your will need a few $$$ to complete one like this.  The block is finished better than the chassis which is the mark of a true racer.

In 2002 this wonderful example was sold at the LARS for a reasonable amount of coin.  My question is where do you find these cars in such good condition and CMG?  Bob knows who and where to look for classy rides like this.

Today’s roadster….dreaming!

That is Richard who is walking behind this for sale roadster.  He has a fleet of cars and was probably looking at the 56 Chevy rather than the Deuce.  You need to bring some cash and checkbook to the LARS if you want to find your dream car.  Many a hot rodder has left with an empty pocket and dream on a trailer.  The wife will understand…won’t she?

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