Wednesday’s Worries

Simple things in life can cause me a lot of frustration.  I have been working on the sprinkler wiring thinking it would be a good practice session for wiring my car.   After installing the timer box, I had to wire each of the 9 terminals to the appropriate outlet on the timer.  Sounds simple enough but for some reason neither the wife or myself could accomplish the task.  The wires would not go into the terminals ( push in type).  I called Bob and he agreed to come over and help me.  It took him (an electrician) less than 2 minutes to accomplish the task.  The directions clearly stated to push them in and made no mention of pushing up the connector to allow the wire to pass into the terminal.  I was embarrassed but at least the job is now completed.  I went back with him and shot a couple of photos of his wiring job on the dash and gauges.  He is moving very fast as the LARS is not far away.

This is a busy week for car shows.  The GG’s in Del Mar  is the largest event by far.  The cruise from P-Town to Del Mar has started and should provide a lot of fun for the participants.  I hope Steve takes some photos for me.  I went on this junket years ago and it was great fun.  Several stops along the way breaks up the boring drive down the I 5 freeway.  Maybe next year I will make it in Lucy or Andre.

I need to get back to work while the weather is nice.  Eighty degrees today makes me feel fabulous.

Stay Tooned!


Here is a clean little 33 tudor sedan that was recently for sale.  I wonder if Louie is driving his dads to Louisville this summer?

I like model 40’s with fenders also, especially when they look this good.

I like maroon 40 sedans and this one from the San Diego area will probably be in Del Mar.  I would add the dropped axle and be done.

Bob still has his patina 40 coupe for sale that someone needs to  purchase and be ready for the summer cruise.

This is the later style heater that also works well under the dash.  Use as a heater, A/C, or radio box.

This is not Don’s but is a very nice 33 Ford racer.  I believe this is the real deal and includes the trailer for you show guys.  Nice ride.

Poteets roadster in the early stages at Roy’s.  This is the stage Lucy is in  and I need to get going to complete her.

A SO-CAL starter kit that has been finished and is looking good.  Pete can build you one or you can build your own.  Save your money for one of these as they are over 6 figures.

Mr. Washburn had SO-CAL build him one of my favorite traditional contemporary hiboys for all of us to enjoy.  Blue is in this year.

Frank has a stable of Deuces and Forties to choose from when heading back to LA or the LSR.  I wonder what he driving this week.  He only has the real deal cars.

Today’s Phaeton….Dreaming.

I traded my 40 convert to Steve for this wonderful phaeton back in 2001 and had a ball driving it everywhere.  You need to experience the wind in your face when you are between two semis going 70 mph.  Momma did not like the wind and held on tightly all the time.

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