Wednesday’s Worries

The Santa Ana winds are really blowing today.  I could hardly make it to the “Office” for the meeting.  I finally arrived and the conference room was full.  I grabbed a quick cup of Joe and pulled up a chair in the sun.  Today’s conversation was the winds and what was coming up in the way of hot rod activities.  The Early Times Mid Winter Rod Run is on the 27th and they are headed to the Valley.  I hope to join up at California Car Cover and complete the tour.  The Big 3 Swap meet is also that weekend in San Diego.  I used to attend all the time when I lived in Laguna, but it is just too far for me now.  Like most swap meets, the abundance of old Ford parts has dried up and you find more tools, Tri-five chevy parts and bumpers than old Ford parts.   I only know of one person heading there from our staff.  He will probably do good as he is selling not buying.

I worked all afternoon making the final braces for Andre’s jig and will soon be able to move him to the blasters.  I think I started this process 6 months ago and I just finished them yesterday.  Some things take time when you are not focused.  Speaking of keeping focused, I have been looking for information on old Miller Idealarc HF welders, 1985 vintage and was successful in finding the owner’s manual and Radiator 1 diagram on  All you need is your serial number and model to find the documents.  I never did have the manuals as I purchased the welder from a school years ago.  The internet is a very resourceful tool to have when seeking information on old tools or parts.

I ordered some new springs for Ruby today and hopefully they will solve the problem for her alining rear end.  She likes the lower stance but not the choppy ride.  Hot Rods need to be dialed in after upgrading them and Ruby is no exception.  The springs come from back east so the shipping will be high but worth it.  It will be like having two hips replaced.

I am off to the Valley this afternoon to pick up some parts for Andre.

Stay Tooned!


From my roving reporter Sandy comes two beauties.  The 39 Ford convert is a favorite of mine and these two let you see how a stock or modified looks.  Note the custom with a 40dash, Desoto bumpers, Flipper hubcaps and Appleton’s.  John will like this one.  The stock was is also very nice.

Perfect photo showing stock and modified 39 front ends.  How long would that chrome have lasted when you were in high school?  One day maybe if your father didn’t catch you.  I filled the holes with bumble gum and painted it.

A stock 39 interior is one of Ford’s prettiest in my mind.  The wood-grained dash is perfect and I am sure by Mr. Kennedy.

Flames on a 40 are as popular today as they were when I was young.  This is a timeless coupe with the 5 spokes and mild rake.

A very high end standard model with a classic white firewall to go with the flames.  We would have added decals in my era, but not today.

Sometimes a person goes out on a limb and really captures the look he or she perceives was how it was.  I don’t recall any Pink cars, but maybe Dave does as he likes purple forties.

I have never done this but here’s a stash box being installed in a 40 dash.  Hot Rods by Dean offers a kit to do this if your’e interested.

When some folks turn 50 they know how to throw a party.  Bob and I attended in his Porsche Blue tudor.  I think it would be nice to have a lawn and garage this size in addition to the four car one attached to the house.

I am really not a red car fan but this one has always been one of my favorites.  Frantic did the re-build and the owner did the detailing.  I love the stance and WW tires.  I never seen him driving the car and he lives about a mile away.  Now is the time to bring this beauty to the “Office” for all of us to admire.

Today’s 40 coupe….A happy moment for someone!

This is what dreams are made of.  The seller opened the garage door and stated it has not been moved in twenty years and I am firm at $12K…you offer $10K and put it on the trailer.

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