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The hot weather continues as does the high humidity which I am not used to. Working in these conditions is not possible for me and consequently, I spend too much time at the keyboard rather than in my garage. My goal is to install the bumper on Pepe but I have not figured out how to lift him high enough to get under the car. All the jacks I have still won’t go under the front chin. I have tried the blocks of wood under the tires and still am stumped. I purchased some Rhino Ramps at Pep Boys that I think are going to work if I drive up on a 2×6 to start with. I hope I never have a flat tire without a good flat jack. We have a multitude of car events this weekend and I would like to drive Pepe with her front bumper and license plate installed. I may have to head over to Fred’s tomorrow and see if he can put the car on his rack and have Dave do the installation. My wife thinks this sounds like the plan if I want to accomplish my objective for the week. She is so smart.

As I have mentioned previously, I have given up building chassis for the time being but I am really bored without a project in the garage. I just need a set of frame rails and I will be happy. I may hang them on the wall and list out the specifications I would like to have on a sheet of paper next to the rails. I can tell you that you can purchase a perimeter frame for about the same money as building one if you can’t weld. Boxing the rails is a job that requires skill and patience. The Deuce Frame Company has the set up I have used several times and the hard part is done by utilizing the center bolt in crossmember Carl offers. The crossmember acts as a jig and makes the job much easier. I also like the chassis from SO-CAL with the step boxing. A friend of mine has one just sitting in his garage and has lost interest but hasn’t put it up for sale. I still have a complete front and rear end in inventory so finishing the SO-CAL chassis would be easy. Of course, you would then require a body to keep the ball rolling. Remember, both Bob-O and Dave have similar projects under way and they are older than me. (Is that possible?) Bob-O has the Model-A coupe and Dave has my dream sedan. The least expensive repo body is a Brookville roadster body (SAR’s 34 is $16K) and there are lots of those for sale at a good price. Funny how we start projects and then decide we no longer want to keep pouring money into the build. I know of several projects that have not been touched in many years. I guess that is what we do in this hobby.

I promise a photo of Pepe with his bumper installed by Friday.

Stay Tooned!


The Kennedy Boy’s did not waste anytime buffing out the four-door. They like hiboy’s like I do. Ed wants one.

Ryan Reed sent in his version of the Wanless windshield and top. He modified the windshield so it doesn’t lay back so far. I like it. The car is really a very nicely detailed hiboy with Ryan’s special touches.

Gabe made the rear window a little larger for better viewing and more ventilation when open. Nice!

Lucy without the top looks good but I would have to have a top for those long trips to Solvang. I left the frame stock so fenders could be added but I am a hiboy man most of the time.

Scott Miller’s 29 on Deuce rails was a fresh build with high quality detail.

The rear view shows off the QC and classic license plate. Bias tires are a must on this style roadster.

The dash and steering wheel (Packard ?) are really unique for the roadster.

This one has been around for some time and always looks fresh. Cadillac powered and early build style were popular themes in Ventura.

Yes, the 56 Ford hardtop was one of my favorites in High School. Lowered and shaved makes me like this one over the 56 Chevrolet.

The Speed 33 comes with a top and roll up windows. The front end looked stretched several inches and the grille laid back. High end build made it a stand out at P-Town.

Today’s Four-Door!

Now you can say you have an Ardun powered Deuce four-door to drive around the fairgrounds. Jon Hall builder.


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