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I receive a fair amount of mail from viewers all over the world and really enjoy seeing the photos of their cars and events. I receive the most from Australia and New Zealand but Martin from the UK advises that the Hot Rods in the UK are also enjoying the season. I guess car enthusiasts are from where ever they call home. I know parts can be quite expensive as well as local restrictions for modified vehicles. Despite these hardships, the sickness spreads and cars continue to be built and enjoyed. In all my travels with GM, I don’t recall ever seeing any Hot Rods in my visit to our offices throughout the world. I guess they were holed up in the garages being worked on. If you read this blog and have a car you would like featured — send me a photo or two with a brief description and I will share them with the world. Thanks again for all of you who have contributed to my blog over the past 10 years. I am getting up there in age but still have the fire burning every day for Hot Rods.

This weekend brings a couple of meets and except for forecasted rain, should be a nice time for taking the Hot Rod for ride. Grab the wife or your best girl and have a little fun driving down the road. I may do the same.

Stay Tooned!




Martin, from the UK, sent along a photo of his full fenedered Deuce roadster which looks very nice. He states that there are lots of Hot Rods in the UK and they are also enjoying the cruises. The photos of the roadsters on a previous post were both from the UK and not Brizio built. Nice to hear from you and thanks.

02 2014-08-01-3050

This one is from abroad and always is on my screen saver. I think Dave at Brizio’s helped him with the build.

01 2014-08-01-3052

Here it is again with no top and blackwalls. I can’t tell from the plate but I think it is in Germany.

07 2014-08-09-3634

From down under, these three imports are having fun participating in a photo shoot. That 40 pickup looks familiar.


Steve drove his crafty 3 window to the LSRU and enjoyed the show. Steve is the owner of Moal’s in Oakland who build some really fantastic cars.


Dave took the opportunity to snap this photo of three notables from the Bay Area — Roy Brizio, Tom Walsh and Steve Moal checking out Dave’s fueler.


Here is Dave getting ready for the Cackle Fest with his Beebe Mulligan dragster from the past.


Ryan selected Lucky’s roadster as his choice at the LSRU.


Seldom seen but look great is the 29 Tub hiboy. Note wheel covers.


A little modern for Pewsplace but I like the look of this Fat Girl convertible. Lots of subtle work on this black beauty.


Here is one of the mainstay’s of the custom car field. When they look like this they need no explanation….Perfect! Bob-O would love this one.


Ryan has completed the 40 Woody chassis for Jim and thought a before and after shot might interest the readers. The original chassis was not bad but twisted so a better chassis was located and upgraded to perfection by Reeds Design in Corona. This will be the ultimate 40 Woody on the Coast. Next is the body wood by the master — Chris Messano.


Some people start with impossible dreams and make them come true. This is a tired example but will turn out nice.

Wednesday’s Model 40 Collection


Dennis has owned his share of early Fords but is now concentrating on Model 40’s as shown above. These are a few of his examples. Thanks for the photos. I am envious. Where is the sedan delivery?


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