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I receive a lot of mail concerning owner’s projects and their progress. Many cars are being built at home in the workshop and some are going together in the big name shops. I enjoy all of them so keep sending them to me and I will feature your work. Working on a car at home provides lots of challenges in the way of equipment and space but many seem to not let those conditions bother them. Perseverance and fortitude are all that is required to build your dream hot rod. A few bucks hidden away from the household budget also helps immensely. Most of us have to farm out some of the work due to our skill sets. Learning to paint and upholster is not something that most of us can do in our home workshops. I have painted a few cars in my workshop and they turned out O.K. , not perfect, just O.K. Frantic does most of my work that I can’t perform or suggest someone he thinks can do the job. Find yourself a competent person and stick with them. Normally, if you are loyal to one shop they will be loyal to you and provide assistance when required. It has worked for me.

I don’t have a lot planned for the rest of the week except for my Patio cover repairs. I think I need another project to keep me busy as home repairs aren’t my thing. I can’t seem to drive them when I am finished.

Keep busy and enjoy your ride to Louisville for the “Big NSRA Nationals.”

Stay Tooned!


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Dave and Tom are making progress on his mega motor deuce. He is having some work done away from Tom’s.

dw 1

Today’s fashion statements are rivets and aluminum bomber seats. Dave will install some cushions to ease the ride a little.


Tom built a Doane style dash panel to hold the instruments for driving this baby on the street. Moal swinging pedal save precious underfloor space for exhaust.


The exhaust system is a full 3″ front to back and the Q/C will see the light with all that horsepower.


I love to see the projects being worked on as that is my cup of tea. This real deal is going to give that 3 window a run for her money. One man has too many projects and needs to move that 33 to my garage.

40 4

Steve farmed out his cherry 40 coupe to someone who had the space and equipment to do the job correctly. Unless you have a large space to work in this job is best left for the professionals.


Waiting for the paint and body work is where I fall down. I am a roller builder and enjoy the process, but sometimes you need to realize your dream to completion for full gratification. I believe this one is now painted.


Lucy was pushed out the back door to make room for Andre a few years ago. Now she looks beautiful thanks to Terry at Stokers.


Some home builders just make’m run and drive them to Bonneville for some racing activity. I like that approach.


Sometime you need to find some wheels and tires to roll it outside and take a good look. Looks good to me.


If you can go out in the workshop every night and see this project you might just keep coming home every night on time — if you know what I mean.


They tell me finished sedans look like this and I say, “Just Do It!”


They don’t need to be finished to have fun. This fellow is driving on the wrong side of the track but is having a great time doing a little racing. If they break we take them back to our workshop and ask the wife for some grocery money.

Memories you want to forget about your Road Trip with the Boys!


Jim and George were asking the question, “Where did he come from?” Turns out Jim’s car had a problem that couldn’t be fixed.

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