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The modern term for a garage is “Man Cave.” We all seem to be guilty of building a workshop we can call our own. Since my wife works with me in the garage, I can’t designate my space as a “Man Cave.” I choose to call my garage — our space. Garages tend to come in various configurations. Styles can be simple or elaborately equipped and decorated. Mine is called “as is” on any given day. I do admire people who have a place for everything and everything in place.  I have visited both styles over the year and find that the finished product does not depend on the style of garage you work in, but rather the skill of the builder and friends.

Yes, friends are very important when building a Hot Rod in your garage. We all possess some talents but very few of us have all the skills required to finish the build. For example, I love to build frames but body and paint must be handled by some of my friends who are skilled at this laborious process. I simply do not like body work, sanding, painting or polishing the run free paint job. Believe me, I have tried on several roadsters over the year and the results were not satisfactory, am I’m not that fussy. The garage crawl, as we like to call our visiting people who are building Hot Rods, is a regular routine on our trips. We have seen some amazing home built Hot Rods over the years. Professional shops are great to visit but the home garage builds are really what our group likes to relate to. The $200,000 plus builds are out of most of our groups budget but we can observe some real good ideas that can be duplicated at home on a smaller budget. Whatever you call your workspace is not important. The masterpiece you created there is important to your pride and conscious.

“What’s in your garage?”

Stay Tooned!




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Having a garage this size and fully decorated is a dream I have always had but never realized.


Two stories offers the ultimate garage space.


Multiple cars and garages make the hobby more enjoyable.


Fully organized with a machine shop and clean floors.


Lifts provide the required room for multiple Hot Rods.


Lifts, tools, skills and time makes a garage of this style worth the investment.

Garage Pictures 006

Other garages with treasures like this 40 delivery are jam packed with car parts. The owner hasn’t worked on this car in 40 years but won’t sell it.


I have a four car drive through that is filled with my junk. Someday I would like to make it a neat place.


Simple shop area with minimum tools like welder, grinder, AC and drill press.


Two cars is the ideal spot in the center garages with room to work around the entire car.


When they become a roller, I can move them through to the rear for final work.


Multiple garages offer lots of storage and work area.


Some collectors have really built their dream garage like this one shown above.


From the street many garages hide the content of what’s inside.


Inside we find a well equipped shop building some great Hot Rods.

Toms shop mar.2011 006

A deep garage with room for several Hot Rods at once.


Some garages are filled with Hot Rods and signs.


One stall is filled with Deuces, signs and restored machinery.


A lonely Deuce awaits a partner being restored.


A couple of garages are filled with Deuce grille shells. Thirty-two to be exact all restored and perfect.


Saturday afternoon garage crawling at Pewsplace.

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