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The Early Times event took us to a very interesting collection of Hot Rods and various late model high end hot rods. We spent considerable time looking at all the cars and signs that were displayed on the walls and ceiling. I have seem several collections over the years including Jay Leno’s — and this one ranked right up there with “Cool Collections”. My wife even commented on how nice the signs were placed on the walls. Some people really have a passion for cars and the wallet to match.

In this same collection, were a couple of Deuce phaetons that caught my eye. I often talk about phaetons as I do like them and have owned a couple of Wescott bodied units over the years. I just received some photos from Al in Wisconsin who has just moved his seat back four inches so he can now enjoy the ride in more comfort. If you have never owned a phaeton you are probably not familiar with how little leg room you have. Wescott offers a 3″ set back front seat which improves the leg room and provides a suitable cockpit area. Finding a real phaeton body is difficult and expensive so if you want one — Wescott has one for you. You can add all steel fenders, hood, grille shell, gas tank and have yourself a nice tub hot rod. Metal ones are around and I saw another one at Richard’s that was stored in the rafters.

As you may have noticed, I seem to get carried away with my love for certain cars and the phaeton is one of them. Driving one is not for everyone but neither are sedan deliveries. Perhaps I have different taste than most, but that’s what makes these events so interesting. If we all drove Deuce roadsters it would be a pretty boring event. Diversity is the name of the game even if it is a Deuce with four doors or a sedan delivery with three doors. I love’m all.

Stay Tooned!




A rare 33 sedan delivery was on the run also. The front fenders were almost touching the pavement. That grille would be very costly to replace. A beautiful example of the model 40 delivery that is driven.


Following the above sedan delivery with a super gloss black paint job. Pepe loved the lady delivery. Note the trailer hitch ball.


Jim has his fresh from the upholstery shop, rare 40 Plymouth delivery on the tour. He even provided donuts for those with low sugar diets. That is Jim’s father eating his diet donut.


Greg’s 34 sedan was one of my wife’s favorite cars. The greyhounds are back in style and hard to come by.


I have a soft spot for 34 tudor sedans as I drove one in the 70’s. Greg has owned this one for many years and it is very nice and low.


Richard always has some nice projects he is building. I thought this four door Deuce was looking good as a hiboy.


Mat’s Hot Rods had a large collection of Hot Rods and neon signs. The cars were all spotless and packed into a space that prevented taking any good photos or even walking between the cars. We all drooled over the collection and spent some time looking at our favorites.


Signs were everywhere you looked and displayed withe some design preference to placement.


The RPU was the last car the owner built prior to his passing. You can see he liked Deuces by the number he had displayed. This was just one building of several.


I fell in love with this 40 Woody which I had seen before at Wavecrest.


The phaeton bug attacked me at Richard’s Place where I saw this tudor version going together. I did this same thing in the 80’s using a Boyd chassis versus Richard’s traditional chassis. The metalwork was excellent as evident by the lengthening of the doors and the reveal around the rear sedan section.


I started this one in the 80’s and finally sold the project to Don Thelan who never finished it either. I had trouble visualizing the correct length to make the doors.


The tudor phaeton when completed with the stock width doors just didn’t look right to me.


Pictures were difficult but Matt had two phaetons on display. This one had a set back front seat and I believe was a real one but I couldn’t tell from the distance.


This one was the real deal with a full restoration and painted Old Chester Gray with Tacoma wire wheels.


Al picked his phaeton up from the upholstery shop but the white stuff is still on the ground so cruising will have to wait.


You can see the set back front seat and added leg room this modification provides.


I don’t know why we don’t see more of these phaetons but I am a big fan of the four door tub look. Nice job Al!


Here is an example with the Wanlass windshield and all four doors. Looks like a fun ride to me. I would love to see either of these two with a nice top.

32 Phaeton 033

Here is an American version that I would love to have for my next project.

New '32 project

Australian bodies also work but need the wood sub rails and door wood replaced with steel.


Gearhead Bill built this daily driver to have some fun in WA. The tonneau really looks good and provides some security for storage.


Jim now has the tub and has made some improvements. I talked to him at the GNRS and he is still enjoying the ride. Note the second tonneau cover. Nice!


Here is another shot at Deuce Day. Love the luggage rack.

Wednesday’s Reminder


If you plan on attending this sensational event, I suggest you register and make your hotel rooms reservations soon. A Deuce lovers paradise and a beautiful venue will make the wife happy.

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