Wednesday’s Workout

I am going through my annual physical and today was the last day for the various tests one endures. I ask the doctor if he liked old cars and said yes, he loves Deuces. Wow! He drove his roadster to the LARS and had a great time. Now this is a doctor I trust. I know some doctors in the sport but not many. I gave him my card for Pewsplace and he punched it in while I was under. I was very surprised that he took time to look at it during his busy schedule. Deuce guys have a lot in common as he mentioned he is looking for a 40 convertible to have more room for his grandkids. I told him a Deuce and a Forty is all you need in life. I left and invited him to the “Office” on Saturday’s.

There are tons of photos of the LARS on the net but I will add some more this week you may not have seen. I am headed to Forty Ford Day this Sunday and will be looking for the doctor a 40 ragtop.

Stay Tooned!l


Brian stopped on his way down from Lake Tahoe to capture this great photo overlooking Mono Lake on I-395. No top required for this roadster driver. Were the fish biting?

Scott drove his “Candyman” Chevorlet truck to wow the crowds with a beautiful candy paint job. Scott knows customs.

One of Moal’s first Deuces was this blue baby. This car has been across the country many times and is still going strong.

Bill has a corner on the early Ford brakes. I quite counting at 100 and I am sure he has more at the Early V8 Store in San Dimas.

I looked at several 40 coupes for sale while in the swap meet area. Most were in the high 40’s and did not seem to sell as of Saturday night.   I think this Sunday, at Forty Ford Day,  a lot of the same cars will be for sale. I will let you know about the prices.

Bob-O parked next to this shoebox woody that was pristine and priced accordingly. Bob-O would have to chop the woody to fit in his collection.

The Deuce Guy has all the controls he needs at his finger tips. He drives all over the US in this RPU. Let’s see… tunes, stove, GPS and three pedals.

This Deuce chassis was sitting in the swap meet area and I thought it was very nicely done. Note the blending of the stock crossmember (?) and the Model-A center section. This provides a small hump in the floor rather than a large one with the full A crossmember. Nice work.

The stock pedals were modified to accept the hydraulic master cylinder and T-5 clutch assembly. Note the neat fabricated top removal plate on the original K-member.

Here is another angle showing a very clean, well engineered T-5 installation in a Deuce chassis. I am thinking this was done by Industrial Chassis but I am not sure. I want one.

I much prefer the swap meet to the roadster display area. You see all kinds of neat roadsters sitting around like this black beauty.

A very tasteful interior that has the Doane Spencer look minus the center steering.

Steve was talking to Sid about the upholstery in his new roadster pickup. He has it being painted now and I promise a full feature in the future. Sid is one of the best.

Today’s Welding!

Speedway Engineering can provide you with 9 inch bearing caps welded on tubes or bells with welds that make you want to burn your TIG welder. Yes, these are done by hand not a machine. Give Kenny a call if you love quick changes and superior welding.

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